It's definitely a bit of an art, given the lack of proper sights for AA guns in this game. Anti-aircraft guns are weapons designed to attack aircraft. (N.D). ; Kugelblitz (astrophysics), a concentration of light so intense that it forms an event horizon and becomes self-trapped The German word for ball lightning, an atmospheric phenomenon

The Kugelblitz is shielded with between 4 and 12 layers of shields depending on the shots angle. It contains two 30 mm Rheinmetall MK-103 cannons and two AA sights (the guns are automatic and belt fed).

Variants Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz: 6 pilot models produced, no record References ↑ Peter Chamberlain and Hilary L. Doyle. Thomas L. Jentz.

1 and 2, the gun shield is built like a sphere. Those vehicles, whose chassis form the basis of a self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system, are also included in this listing (as is the case with the AMX-13, Chieftain and Challenger 1 tanks).

List of anti-aircraft guns.

The MK 103 was gas-operated, fully automatic and belt-fed (an innovative feature at that time for AA guns).

It's not only German AA, though admittedly they pose the biggest group. Also consider Anti-Aircraft Guns (towed or otherwise) and man-portable anti-aircraft systems.

There was an idea for a Panzer IV armed with anti-aircraft weapons, something like the Wirbelwind, but with 3cm guns instead of the Wirbelwind's 2cm guns. With high ROF guns like the ZSU-23-4 or the Gepard I move the target pipper at a different speed than the apparent motion of the plane in order to shoot across or through the correct lead. This gun had two big advantages in the confined space of a turret – as an aircraft gun it was designed to be as compact as possible, and it was belt fed.

Steam Workshop: From The Depths. The Kugelblitz is the best SPAA in my view. As you can see in figs.

Anti-aircraft guns are weapons designed to attack aircraft.

Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two.

Such weapons commonly have a high rate of fire and are able to fire shells designed to damage aircraft.

The first proposal for the Kugelblitz envisioned mounting a modified anti-aircraft turret developed for U-boats on the Panzer IV chassis, which was armed with dual 30 mm MK 303 Brunn guns (a configuration known as Doppelflak, "dual flak"). The sides, belly, and 'deck' all have around 4 layers, with some areas further back only having 2 layers. Kugelblitz may refer to: . The crew consists of two gunners (one aims vertically, the other horizontally) that are also housed in the ball mount and rotate with it.

All of there AA fires quite fast but often lower caliber guns (often around the 20mm range). They also are capable of firing at high angles, but are also usually able to hit ground targets as well in a direct fire role. Unlike earlier self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, it had a fully enclosed, rotating turret. There's also the M19, a "tank" I generally used to do better in than in my 5.0 Shermans, and the 4,7 BR ZSU - 37 which can easily kill Tigers (and even Tigers II) with the improved HVAP Munition, …

The Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz (fireball) is a Panzerwaffe '46 model. Jump to navigation Jump to search. What needs to be fixed here is the gun penetration mechanic not nerfing one of the few SPGAA that can actually work as a SPGAA by shooting down aircraft. The Kugelblitz is a long range front-sider based on the Singularity that is designed to kill anything not using lasers, as it uses a warp drive to avoid slow missiles and most shells.

Secondly, the problem with the Kugelblitz isn't its BR it is the faulty gun mechanic that allows this AA to easily knock out a gun that makes it difficult to handle. Such weapons commonly have a high rate of fire and are able to fire shells designed to damage aircraft.

In the Kugelblitz turret the weapons could be fired singly or simultaneously and their theoretical rate of fire was 450 rounds a minute, even though 250 rpm in short bursts was more practical. There are also two CIWS/AA guns underneath but they can only reliably shoot down small missiles, and serve to remove distractions from the LAMS. The anti-aircraft version had a longer gun barrel (2.3 meters instead of 1.61 meters), could fire 425 rounds per minute and was effective to 5,700m. At a cost of

An anti-aircraft vehicle, also known as a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) or self-propelled air defense system (SPAD), is a mobile vehicle with a dedicated anti-aircraft capability.The Russian equivalent of SPAAG is ZSU, for zenitnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka (зенитная самоходная установка, "anti-aircraft self-propelled mount"). Pg 112.

The Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz ("ball lightning") was a German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed during World War II.By the end of the war, only a pilot production of five units had been completed.

The German Kugelblitz self-propelled anti-aircraft gun used in World War II.