Kyoto regular tour bus: 5300 JPY for a half day (Entrance fee 1100 JPY for three world heritages is included ). PAGE TOP [ Contact ] NPO Pedestrian Friendly City Kyoto Forum. Fantastic The guests enjoy the original narration "You will be a Kyoto expert." If you’re travelling to Kyoto as a tourist, you’ll want to quickly familiarize yourself with the Kyoto tourist bus which is known locally as the Raku bus. There are a number of different types of buses in Kyoto, with the regular buses being the “city bus” and “Kyoto bus.” There’s also the “Raku bus” which is basically a tourist bus with bus routes going near main tourist attractions. Besides the regular commuter routes, the city bus co-operated the city's "Regular Tour Bus" with Keihan Bus.. Tram See quick Kyoto travel tips if it's your first trip to Japan.

The Kyoto Municipal Subway operates the following two lines: .

At the Kyoto Station Bus Information Center you can get bus maps, buy tickets, and inquire about additional travel information.

Download an online Kyoto bus map for free to help you plan your journey. Note. ♦ Kyoto Aquarium: at least 12 min (bus ride 7 min, get off at Nanajo-Omiya bus stop, walk 5 min) ♦ Nijo castle: at least 31 min (bus ride 16 min, get off at Nijo-ekimae (JR Nijo station) bus stop, walk 15 min) ∗ If you have JR Pass, train (JR sagano line) is better than JR bus to visit Nijo castle. The Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass is 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. Bus Timetable / Bus Stop Information.

Use your Kansai Thru Pass or Kyoto City Bus Pass. Kyoto buses are a useful way of getting around the city. If you get on from a bus stop that is outside the applicable zone or route of the ticket, a separate fee will be required. Mail: [email protected] ※We will respond to your inquiry within 4 to 5 business days. Search. The Kyoto City Buses (京都市バス, Kyōto Shi-basu) are major mean of public transport in Kyoto. The bus fare and the route will be changed from 13th May, 2017. In some ways, it’s more pleasant: there’s more greenery and even during busy seasons, it feels less crowded.

For more information call 075-801-2561 (Japanese language only). It will be more clearly and more convenient. ③ Has tourist places along the route. PAGE TOP [ Contact ] NPO Pedestrian Friendly City Kyoto Forum.

The buses have been operating since 1928. Notification of route change The bus route …

Ronte Name. Search.

This gives you one day’s unlimited travel on Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus routes within the flat fare zone. One Day Ticket Most of the buses in Kyoto are painted light green, with a thick dark green line down the center. We’re happy if it becomes a point of reference for the Kyoto bus tours.

K'LOOP: Only 2300 JPY for one day, the lowest price among those bus tours. Kyoto Sky Bus – Sightseeing Bus Tour of Kyoto In the autumn of 2015 the Keihan and Myojo Bus Companies introduced an open top, double decker touring service called the Kyoto Sky Bus. Kyoto Bus: Yasemin Olgunoz Berber / Also see ideas for how to spend time in Kyoto with the Kyoto travel planning map and 5 day Kyoto itinerary.For Kyoto in spring, see this one day cherry blossom photo walk.Also see ideas for how to spend winter in Japan - 10 day itinerary with Japan Alps and 7 day itinerary in Hokkaido! A: Choose by route. Note: From March 16, 2019, when riding the express bus route 100 or the Higashiyama Shuttle Bus (seasonal bus), please insert your pass when boarding.
For easy and comfortable sightseeing, you can also ride the Raku Bus at Kyoto Bus Station that are meant for tourist sightseeing. Keys of K'LOOP: Leave Kyoto Station and city center every 30 minutes. Agency Name; Search Bus Stop by name. The Takeaway: See the Kyoto Transport Overview for a general summary of Kyoto transport. Despite the fact that Kyoto’s public transportation network is quite good, it pales in comparison to Tokyo and your SUICA / PASMO card will be of limited use in the city. Ronte Name. Note. Get a one-day pass and take the K'LOOP bus to enjoy visiting Kyoto’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Nijo Castle and Kinkakuji Temple. This Sky Bus tour of Kyoto provides an excellent introduction to Kyoto’s major sites, and is also an enjoyable way to learn a little about Kyoto’s history and culture. By Bus-- The easiest way to get around Kyoto and to most of its attractions is by bus.Buses depart from Kyoto Station's Central (north/Karasuma) exit, with platforms clearly marked in English listing destinations.

Kyoto buses operate from approximately 6:00 to 23:00, though some run earlier or later depending on the route. can purchase these tickets at the city bus & subway information center, subway stations, city bus operating stations, and at appointed hotels and inns in the city. Agency Name; Search Bus Stop by name. How long dose it take actually from Kyoto station to attractions by JR Bus? Bus Timetable / Bus Stop Information.
Mail: [email protected] ※We will respond to your inquiry within 4 to 5 business days. You can get on and off at any bus stop without limitations for the day. 3.