Before you look at the transit time between China and the UK, remember that there are processes at either end of the journey. Dozens of airlines make the voyage from the United Kingdom to the United States on a daily basis.

I am a writer who is currently involved in a project that involves a bit of sailing.

When sailing in the east Aegean – preferably two or three weeks – it is worthwhile to combine the Turquoise coasts of Turkey with the Dodecanese of Greece.. More than 2,500 people have died while attempting to get to Greece. How long does it take to get from the UK to Greece? Step 4: Enjoy the ride to Santorini. I've got my eye on a 26 foot Catamaran for the trip - Can you advise me how long it takes to sail from South East Uk, over to France, Spain, Portugal and onto Minorca or Ibiza ? How long does it take to travel to Greece from New York City by boat? I'm new to cruising but am planning on talking a year out to sail round the Med. 2.Inland freight transportation. Having said all this, sailing this route could prove to be wonderful for you, but sailing experience would be essential for anyone wanting to crew. ; Step 3: Take the metro (20 to 30 minutes) or taxi (30 to 40 minutes) to the Piraeus ferry port.Most ferries leave in the morning, plan to arrive 1 hour in advance. Only a handful of cruises departing from the United States call at ports in Greece, all on their way to Italy. THE MOST EXCITING CRUISE DESTINATIONS AND AWARD-WINNING SHIPS Unlock some of the most incredible travel destinations.Get on island time and unwind on some of the best beaches in the world, venture deep into the rainforests, and snorkel the most vibrant reefs on a Caribbean or Bahamas cruise getaway with the whole family.

We provide below logistic service: 1.Air/Sea freight Shipping (Full container, Less than container) transportion consultation service from China. Below is a rough guide to mean speeds in nautical miles per hour for various boat lengths. Of course a typical passage would be a bit slower than one where a captain was pushing to win the record, but the times can be seen as a close lower bound to how long it would take for a typical trip. Please note that following info is given in good faith according to the regulations found at the time these were issued. It turns out there was an unofficial award for doing this particular trip the quickest in a passenger liner, so we have pretty good records. ; Step 2: Buy ferry ticket – book tickets online or buy at a travel agent in Athens or at the ferry port.

Ports in Italy that are departure points for Greece are Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, and Venice – but your choices don’t end there. This is the most wonderful way to reach Greece, in just 48 hours or so from London. Hello to all.