Mega Man Boss Guides. Search this site. Search this site. To take advantage of a boss weakness in Mega Man … Grenade Man MMXLC2/MMX5-8: Boss Weaknesses and Order. Mega Man 8 has, incredibly enough, both great and horrible aspects, and few which are mediocre. You’ll need to use multiple boss weapons to take him down effectively. Comments 1. Listed below are all the bosses (Robot Masters) you'll encounter in the game. Published Oct. 1, 2018, 11 p.m. about Mega Man 11. by Bryan Dawson.

The following guide will showcase the weaknesses of Mavericks(Robot Masters of Mega Man X series), Sub-Bosses, Bosses and some other special bosses, as … The rest are a cake-walk if you unlock their specific weakness first. Polish: There’s a lot of attention to detail everywhere, even the password screens. Mega Man 8. Want to smash all the mavericks in Mega Man X Legacy Collection? Mega Man 6. These items listed below can be built at Dr. Light's lab once you gain enough bolts for each part. Huh, the bosses cease to have weaknesses after the first 8? This ability will cause Rush to teleport in and transform himself in to a motorbike which Mega Man can ride on. Mega Man 10. Share. Mega Man X4.

Mega Man X. Mega Man X. Mega Man X2. Created by. Mega man by marinostyle. Hopefully with help from this Mega Man 11 boss order guide, that stress will be alleviated and you’ll enter every fight with the upper hand. Evil Villains by marinostyle. Mega Man X4.

Mega Man 8. I have spent a lot of time playing this game, I have probably beat it over 200 times! Mega Man & Bass. Devious Collection by heartless2004. Favorited. Mega Man Classic. By Shmooooey. Mega Man X. Mega Man X. Mega Man X2. Robot Masters. The game isn’t terribly difficult, although like nearly any Mega Man game, the final boss might throw you a bit of trouble. Mega Man 3. Out of all of the Mega Man games for the NES, Mega Man 6 has perhaps the most flexible boss weakness system, since the majority of the Robot Masters can be defeated with the Mega Buster without too much trouble. Overall: 90% A truly great game. Mega Man & Bass. ... See More by jmk575. …I should totally try to come up with potential weaknesses for each one of the bosses without one, just for kicks. Mega Man 7. Here's the optimal boss order for all eight games, including weaknesses for the final set of boss battles. Rate . Mega Man. Mega Man 3. Featured in collections. Mega Man 10. 8 Turbo Man use Noise Crush MEGAMAN 8 1 Tengu Man use Arm Buster 2 Clown Man use Tornado Hold 3 Grenade Man use Thunder Claw 4 Frost Man use Flash Bomb 5 Aqua Man use Arm Buster 6 Sword Man use Water Balloon 7 Search Man use Flame Sword 8 Astro Man use Homing Sniper MEGAMAN 9 1 Galaxy Man use Arm Buster 2 Jewel Man use Black Hole Bomb 3 Plug Man use Black Hole Bomb 4 Tornado Man … Mega Man 7. Mega Man 4. Each item can help you out greatly, so it's worth keeping an eye out for any bolts you can find in each stage. Mega Man Boss Guides.