If so, you might have a meteorite. The absence of a fusion crust does not mean a specimen is not a meteorite. Unfortunately, out of all these suspected meteorites only few were actually real meteorites. Do you see the metal shining on a broken surface? 2.

Meteorite Testing, Analysis and Identification. 99% of all meteorites are attracted to a strong magnet. Weight Test: Meteorites are much more dense than normal earth rocks. For about a hundred dollars they offer XRF analysis services for the specific purpose of meteorite identification. New England Meteoritical Services P.O. (As are metal artifacts, slag and iron ore) Or if the object is small, hang it or the magnet from a string. Note: This website only addresses identification of common meteorites. (Please allow time for all of the images to load, then click on the picture which most closely resembles your rock in both appearance and texture.) We have expanded our testing services into a more educational and helpful format at our testing site. Grinding a small window on a corner of the rock will help. The samples below are a comparative guide of common "meteor-wrongs" and real meteorites. Box 440 Mendon, MA USA 01756 . MAGNETIC TEST. A Colorado based company offering meteorite testing services called Geo Labs is a good place to start if you want to find out for sure. You think you've found a meteorite? Fusion Crust Test: Fusion crust is a thin, dark rind formed on a meteorite as it streaks through our atmosphere. Meteorite ID. How can one identify a suspected meteorite? Posted on January 28, 2013 by Center for Meteorite Studies ** Due to a substantial rise in demand as well as budget constraints and staff limitations, the ASU Meteorite Identification Program was suspended in 2010** The Center for Meteorite Studies is in no way responsible for any specimens sent to the Center, nor is the Center responsible for returning them to senders. The specific directions for utilizing the official template required for submission of a new meteorite can be accessed on the submission website of the Meteoritical Bulletin. Aerolite Meteorites can help you identify a suspected meteorite. Go to MeteoriteTesting.org. Over the years we have received literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of emails from people that were sure that they had found a meteorite. Welcome to Arizona Skies Meteorites ® Meteorite Identification page. Do you have something very dense such that it could be a meteorite? Meteorite Identification . This is used as a preliminary test and is recommended to new collectors. Identify meteorites by using our meteorite testing tool to learn how to tell the difference between real meteorites and look-a-like rocks. The testing lab should provide the written analysis and classification information necessary for acquiring a provisional name, and submit the description to the Nomenclature Committee of The Meteoritical Society. Meteorite Identification – Aerolite.org. It does not occur on earth rocks and will disappear over time due to weathering, but it can be seen on some fresh meteorites. Density Density - Those meteorites that do have a lot of metal tend to be very dense compared to regular rocks. Most meteorites contain at least some metal.