The inaugural Muslim Awards for Excellence (MAX) Gala, taking place in Toronto, Canada on March 24, is an initiative to recognize and honour the achievements and contributions of Canadian Muslims. Inspired by the Islamic Golden Age, the MAX Gala will honor and motivate contemporary outstanding Muslim achievers in Canada.

They were also involved in philanthropic works such as establishing religious schools and donating land for community projects. The Arabs are a small but significant community in Singapore. Every rhyming song or poem that you have ever heard owes something to the Arabs. Surgery. During colonial times, the Arabs played prominent economic roles in the regional, retail, wholesale and production trades, the Muslim pilgrimage industry and real estate development.

CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN CIVILIZATION. Today, in almost every aspect of our daily lives, we are indebted in many ways to the Arab contributions to the sciences. al-khwarizmi 2. Much like America today, the Arab world of the seventh to the thirteenth centuries was a great cosmopolitan civilization. Arabic, formerly tribal language of the Arabian Peninsula became a language of power and a lingua franca for a large section of the world due to the spread of Islam. It was an enormous unifying enterprise, one which joined the peoples of Spain and North Africa in the west with the peoples of the ancient lands of … here’s 4 people you can start off from, you probably heard of them before. Here is a major one: Rhyming poetry. The Arab world includes 22 countries including Palestine. There are no credible claims to rhyme before the Arabo-Islamic expansion. read about the Golden age of Islam, you will accept it more if you read it yourself. The vast contributions, scholarly achievements and innovations of the Arab/Muslim era to world civilization encompassed much of the previous knowledge of the ancient civilizations of the Middle East such as Mesopotamia, Syria, the Greeks, and that of India, China and Persia. 1. muhammad ibn musa al-khwarizmi aka. Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān aka. He travelled extensively throughout India, the Middle East, and Africa and wrote a historic-geographical encyclopedia of 30 volumes relating to the history of the world and his travels. Abul Hasan Ali al-Mas c udi (888 – 957) was born in Baghdad and is known as the ‘Herodotus of the Arabs’ because he was the first Arab to combine history and scientific geography in a large-scale work. Here Hassani shares his top 10 outstanding Muslim inventions: 1.