FREE & instant to other Monese accounts FREE when sending to non-Monese accounts; Main Features of an Account with Monese. Monese … The new Monese Savings feature will facilitate automated, recurring payments to the customer’s Raisin savings account. The European banking app Monese has formed a partnership with cross-border deposits marketplace Raisin to offer savings account access. Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks.

The mobile-only service provides accounts in Pounds sterling, Euros and Romanian leu, and is available in 31 countries across the European Economic Area.As of January 2020, it has over 2 million customers.

Monese also offers no cashback options currently, but it is possible to earn Avios points via their list of participating retailers. ‎Monese is the multi-currency banking app that provides you with fast and free current accounts in 31 countries. With a Monese account, you can engage in …

Many people choose Monese instead of an account with a credit union or a basic bank account with a regular bank because Monese customers can manage every aspect of their account instantly via the Monese mobile app. According to Raisin, the partnership will allow for the provision of savings account access and management within the Monese Hub’s new service Monese Savings. You can open a savings account by going to the savings section of the app and choosing the option “Savings with interest”. How to start saving right now! As the partnership unfolds over the following weeks, it will ultimately provide seamless savings account access and management all within the Monese Hub, under a new service, Monese Savings. ... Start getting used to taking a portion of your earnings and putting it straight into a separate savings account as soon as you get paid.

The majority of these customers use Monese as a primary account and we know they want their money and their savings to work harder, so they can thrive anywhere. The Monese business account comes with an exclusively designed contactless debit Mastercard supported in-app with real-time smart transactions. The new service aims to facilitate automated, recurring payments to the customer’s Raisin savings account in order to create transparency and profitability on savings. to the customer's Raisin savings account — aiming to create greater transparency and profitability on savings, and thus to place customers’ goals within their own reach.
From here it will direct you to the Raisin website where you’ll just need to follow the onscreen instructions to open a savings account. There is no separate place to put savings, and therefore no way to earn interest on them. Currency conversion rates that won’t break the bank We offer competitive rates on currency conversions meaning your business will be able to make the best savings … ... Monese … As Monese Savings gets further developed, the plan, says the London startup, is to offer “seamless” savings account access and management all within the Monese app.

Monese Savings sit alongside Pots, Monese’s non-interest bearing savings accounts, which were introduced in May 2019. Monese Ltd is a registered agent of PrePay Technologies Limited which is an electronic money institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments.The Monese …
You can open one instantly from your phone – giving you the financial freedom to live, work, travel, study and thrive wherever life takes you.

Download Monese - Current Account and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The easiest way to do this is to set up a standing order that automatically transfers money on a set date every month. Monese offer UK current accounts and an added Eurozone account, however, there is currently no option for a savings account.