Introduction. MSR IsoPro is a performance-boosting, 80/20 blend of isobutane and propane, with the purest isobutane (5% or less n-butane) of any canister fuel. If you cook in the cold the canister will ice up at the fuel level as well. These stoves do save about 5g per day over a conventional canister stove per online statistics.

Cooking with a fuel canister is easy, properly disposing of them is less so. This gear guide features lightweight upright canister stoves for backpacking (i.e., a canister stove that weighs less than 4 oz (113 g) that sits on top of a canister of fuel).. We evaluated the following criteria: Power, efficiency, and fuel economy in control, large water volume, cold temperature, and wind tests The MSR R&D lab uses this unique machine to puncture and recycle fuel canisters used in stove development projects. A leader in outdoor equipment innovation, MSR is dedicated to engineering high-quality stoves, tents, water filters, snowshoes and more to help people worldwide unlock their greatest adventures.
Photo: MSR. When I turned it upside down it was leaking liquid fuel all over the place.

Now, deposit your canister where mixed metals are accepted. Has this ever happened to any of you? Moving up to the next size means doubling the weight of the canister. Posted on August 13, 2012 October 4, 2019 Author Paul Mags 15 Comments. The fuel bottle is a refillable pressure vessel that is pressurized with the pump that came with your stove. You buy the fuel (white gas, Coleman fuel, naphtha,kerosene) in whatever container it is sold in and pour it into your pressure vessel, otherwise known as a fuel bottle. Today I purchased 2 small canisters of MSR fuel, 4 ounces of fuel (1/2 oz more fuel than Jetboil canister for the same price, but...). Low temperatures, melting snow, and wind can end up requiring 3-4 times as much fuel as simply boiling water in summer months. Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is a producer of camping, hiking and mountaineering equipment, such as portable stoves, water filters, snowshoes, and tents.While specializing in lightweight and technical equipment, MSR’s gear is designed for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts from novice to expert mountaineers. Over a long four day weekend, that means roughly a quarter less of fuel use for a standard 110g fuel canister. Stable and safe for kids to use, it can be used to simmer or boil water to make backpacking and camping meals, while providing significant savings on lifetime fuel costs. Hi. When I attached and detached the canister a couple of times there was some gas leakage each time (while I was screwing the canister on and unscrewing it). The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is a powerful canister stove with built-in the pot supports, that fold down and away more compactly along the stove stem (see below).

Very few curbside recycling programs handle mixed metals, and even fewer recognize and recycle fuel canisters. Screw on the stove, turn the nozzle, light and off you go. I too have a stash of partially used fuel cans. Giving back to those giving their all: COVID-19 update × Joining Forces to Support Our Communities. MSR Liquid Fuel Bottles make suitable gas canisters for any fuel that works with an MSR stove, including white gas, kerosene, diesel, automobile gas, mineral spirits, and aviation gas (jet fuel). MSR's award winning, high-performance camping stoves are ideal for backpacking, camping and world travel. The easy and safe way to recycle backpacking fuel canisters without needing to buy extra tools. If you plan to bring a small canister stove to high elevations, opt instead for the more expensive Soto Windmaster OD-1RX ($70). Fortunately these fuel canisters are fairly cheap and the price does not double even though the weight does. Shop camping stoves, fuel canisters, and accessories. The other night I was trying out my new msr windpro stove. After disconnecting the fuel canister, I could hear vapor escaping out of the canister. By Andrew Marshall, Ryan Jordan, and Chase Jordan.
The Optimus Crux is a top small canister style backpacking stove for warm weather use. Giving back to those giving their all: COVID-19 update × Joining Forces to Support Our Communities. Should I contact msr (it was an msr canister) about this? Recycling Backpacking Fuel Canisters. The container that the fuel comes must be safe and sturdy so most of the price of the fuel canister is for the container and just a little bit of the cost is for the fuel. The total weight was 8 1/8 ounces for each canister of fuel; so that means that the large and small empty canisters are pretty much same weight (4 oz). You are confusing 'fuel bottle' with a bottle of fuel. Browse our variety of backpacking canister stoves and stove fuel canisters. Boils water very fast. I just bought a Pocket Rocket 2 and a MSR 4oz gas canister. This last step is the tricky part. A prevalent canister stove system is the all-in-one cooking systems. I just tested it out before going to Glacier National Park next week. The Kovea EZ Eco Stove is a refillable canister stove system that helps eliminate wasted canister fuel and trash. 4.

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