There are a variety of companies offering highway express bus services from Osaka Station to Tokyo. Appreciate your response. Bus Exterior. There are night buses and day buses, with the former departing around midnight and rolling into Osaka at the crack of dawn. All Nippon Airways Website Flights from Tokyo Narita to Osaka Itami Ave. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Tsukuba to Osaka via Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit in around 11h 7m. Enjoy a convenient and hassle-free transfer from Osaka to Tokyo! Night Buses [Osaka] The Dream Sleeper Tokyo-Osaka [Akita] The Express Chokai [Toyokawa/Toyohashi] The Honokuni [Tenri/Nara/Gojo] The Yamato [Kyoto] The Kyoto - Tokyo Midnight Express [Okayama] The Muscat; Airport Shuttle Buses Express Buses between Kichijoji and "Tokyo Disney Resort ®", Odaiba. 8 September 2019 . Any recommendation or itinerary plan? Skip the bullet train and last-minute flights when you book an express bus from Osaka to Tokyo! First time to travel Japan btw. Yoshke Dimen says: Hi Daiana, yep it’s possible. VIP LINER offer intercity, high-speed passenger buses that run at night. Reply. Comme nous étions au Japon pour un mois, nous avons décidé de réserver un Japan Rail Pass seulement pour les deux dernières semaines. This is certainly an economical option. If you are flexible with your time, these bus trips are a great option.

Anytime day or night, you can book a bus, change your reservation or make a cancellation online whether overseas or in Japan. Answer 1 of 6: Hi, Can someone who read Jap, pls help to see the 2 links below. This highway bus connects Asakusa, Ueno and Yokohama with Kyoto and Osaka, and operates once a day. Hopping on a highway bus will get you from Tokyo to Osaka in around 6-10 hours (8 on average) and set you back between ¥ 2,000 to ¥ 10,000 one way, depending on what level of comfort you’re after. There are 9 ways to get from Tokyo to Osaka by train, bus, night bus, car or plane. By Bus. Kyoto has a completely different vibe from Tokyo, so you should experience its pleasures for yourself. WILLER TRAVEL offers more than 120 bus routes throughout Japan including major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Hiroshima and popular destinations such as Shirakawago or Takayama. There are more than 49 highway bus lines in Japan, and JAPAN BUS LINES makes it easy to find a bus to your destination and convenient to book a reservation. Routes of WILLER for booking highway and night buses in Japan. Information about Bus Services. Bus Exterior. Can anyone tell me if the night bus to Osaka stops at Namba (OCAT) or Nankai Namba Sta.