It tries to determine whether the British wanted to oppose France in 1923. The Occupation of the Ruhr (German: Ruhrbesetzung) was a period of military occupation of the Ruhr region of Germany by France and Belgium between 11 January 1923 and 25 August 1925.. France and Belgium occupied the heavily industrialized Ruhr Valley in response to Germany defaulting on reparation payments dictated by the victorious powers after World War I in the Treaty of Versailles. The occupation of the Ruhr finally ended with the agreements of the Dawes Plan in 1924. Whatever its motives, the Ruhr occupation was achieved swiftly and methodically with little resistance, at least initially. L’occupation de la Ruhr par les troupes françaises et belges débute le 11 janvier 1923. The French and Belgian governments responded by sending in troops to the Ruhr, the main centre of Germany's coal, iron and steel production. This paper attempts to discover general British attitudes toward the Ruhr occupation. L'occupation de la Ruhr est une opération politico-militaire menée par les gouvernements français et belge en Allemagne entre janvier 1923 et août 1925. Occupation of the Ruhr What can you see? The Allied Reparations Commission declared Germany in default and on January 11 th. Ce geste, fortement significatif dans une Europe tout juste sortie de la guerre, va devenir un événement médiatisé : les images de soldats refont leur apparition, tandis que les journaux s’emparent du sujet. The Ruhr was a region of Germany which contained resources such as factories.

Occupation of the Ruhr 1. Once French and Belgian troops had crossed the border, they sealed off the Ruhr from the rest of Germany and began frog-marching … Ruhr, major industrial region along the course of the Ruhr River in western Germany. 2. French Occupation of the Ruhr 1923 Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Appears to be type 2 . ==The Occupation of the Ruhr == § The new German government made its first reparations payment in 1922, but in December announced that it would not be able to make further payments. Ruhr occupation, (1923–25) occupation of the industrial Ruhr River valley region in Germany by French and Belgian troops. The Ruhr region had been occupied by Allied troops in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, during the Occupation of the Rhineland (1918–1919). The French occupation of the Ruhr region of Germany took place when Germany failed to make reparations payments. “Le 15 VIII 1923 est tombé dans la lutte pour la Ruhr, victimes de Occupation dans l’accomplissement son devoir, le serrurier de Reichsbahn Ernst B [illisible], de Witten” D’autres dessins à connotation raciste présentaient les troupes françaises comme presque exclusivement composées de soldats coloniaux barbares et violeurs. J’Y SUIS – J’Y RESTE 4.

LO: Analyze the … Occupation of the Ruhr LO: Analyze the impact this had on Germany in 1923 This is representation of a British cartoon from Punch, 1923. On the 9 January 1923, in response to the lack of payment of reparations, France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr.