Make sure Home is selected, and then click "Recover Deleted Items From Server". How can I revert to the old layout and look, without losing the security updates? Expand your Outlook. In Outlook, go to your email folder list, and then click "Deleted Items". Step 2. The outlook icon on my toolbar has an x over it. Sometimes a blank or damaged icon may appear when a perfectly good icon was displayed before. Step 1. As if outlook is broken and running in safe-let's-go-back-to-1995-mode. Sometimes the icon cache gets out of date, causing icons to display incorrectly, or even go missing. For example, maybe you upgraded an application and the new version came with a new icon, but you still see the old icon on the desktop. The Delete key on the keyboard will delete messages, only the Delete button in the Home ribbon and the right-click menu for selected e-mail(s) is disabled. Osso VR taps movie and game vets for cinema-quality surgical training Delete an item from the Deleted Items folder or empty the Deleted Items folder and can't restore the missing items. Several users noticed the Delete button was missing when a message was selected in the Inbox: I recently switched email accounts and the Delete button is disabled and some of my messages are missing. I find outlook totally unusable since it updated to the new for-toddler icons. Not only is it ugly, it's distracting and unusable.
Then, Microsoft will recover permanently deleted emails from their exchange server and list them for you. The trash can icon in Microsoft Outlook is used by many people, but there may come a time when it just disappears without warning. If the Outlook Recycle Bin icon is missing, follow these methods to recover the Delete button on Outlook: Switch to mouse mode; Reset Outlook; Uninstall Office and reinstall Outlook. 1 = Outlook icon is not displayed in the taskbar when Outlook is running and you minimize the Outlook window Note The x.0 placeholder represents your version of Office (16.0 = Office 2016, Office 365 and Office 2019, 15.0 = Office 2013, 14.0 = Office 2010, 12.0 = Office 2007, 11.0 = Office 2003).

OWA issue - when clicking on delete icon closing message: Exchange Server Administration: 5: Sep 24, 2010: K: I can't open my outlook. Missing Outlook Recycle Bin Icon. There is a large file in my outbox that I have been unable to delete.

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