But yes, of course, I’ll once again point out that the report technically only covers data from Oct 1st, 2018 to Sept 30th, 2019. Thousands of amazing developers from all over the world are making apps for Strava. After putting in the time on long rides, I pore over each segment seeing how my performance stacked up from week to week. View your Strava stats in a different way, MyStravaStats.com I always look forward to this but being on mobile and after a run, I wanted to leave it later till I got home so I could see my year summary on my big pc monitor on the desktop site. Love it. Sep 6, 2013 - 2.0 - Updated to support Strava's new V3 API Oct 5, 2015 - 2.1 - Added Filter feature to display a subset of activities Jan 23, 2016 - 2.11 - Consolidated separate Annual Summary tabs for each year into a single Annual Summary tab, with subdivisions for each year $23/yr was the right price point for me. That’s 1,315,499 more people off the road, equalling a carbon offset of 18.2 million pounds of CO 2 . Today, I went on a long ride (~37 miles) going up Montebello road and then down Page Mill. 304 million uploaded activities 6.8 billion kilometers. $89 is too high. Strava’s Suffer Score was inspired by Eric Banister’s training-impulse (TRIMP) concept. Far more athletes are using those apps to augment their Strava experience. I always love the end of the year stats that companies send out based on your data. The Year in Stats Incredible activities and achievements from the Strava community. Although my estimated CP is 12W lower than my FTP, xPower was 30W lower than NP.

Using my CP as my Strava FTP, Strava’s Training Load is the same as Skiba’s Bike Score (otherwise I’d get 93).

I think for But a few numbers jumped out as particularly amazing, inspiring or just a bit weird. Ahh yes, December – time for eggnog, pepernoten, and Strava’s year end report.

Strava athletes showed up every second (literally 16 uploads a second) of every day this year, rain or shine, hot or cold, and left us with a boatload of impressive data and fun stats. Strava athletes covered so much ground in 2016, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the data.

There’s an app for everyone, from those that let you dive deep into the nerdiest of performance data, to an app that helps you make a friend in your neighborhood who runs the same pace as you. My obsession with stats can obviously only be sated with more stats. Here’s a small collection the data that defined an inspiring 2017 on Strava. + - Log In to See More. Street-level detail is available only to registered Strava athletes. If you are also into tracking workouts with Strava give me a follow and once I’m over my broken hand I’ll be logging my 2019 rides. Learn how Strava Metro can help your community. The video above is from Strava condensing all my workouts this year into a sub 2 minute video. Learn about heatmap updates. 98 Sign Up Log In The Global Heatmap. I guess they will now get $0 instead of $23. Log in or sign up to make the most of the Global Heatmap.

Strava releases its 2019 stats round-up that, among other things, shows that riders are spending more time than ever indoors and enjoy a greater variety of sports than before. I’m saddened that Strava has now clarified they will be modifying my subscription.
In 2018, Strava saw an increase of 56.8 percent in the U.S. compared to 2017. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put in even more miles. So this morning I did a Christmas park run 5k and after uploading my run via Garmin, I opened the Strava app and saw that my 2019 Year in Sport data was ready.
Suffer Score.