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It (be) great. The present-tense form of spent is spending. Singular I spend You spend He/she/it spends Plural We spend You spend They spend 2. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past). We (be) very lucky with the weather. Hope this helps! The tenses in which the first form “spend” is used are simple, progressive, perfect, and perfect progressive. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of spend is spends.. ): resisting the temptation to spend one's money. As with all verbs, when you want to place it into the past tense "spent" or the future tense "will spend," a conjugation is required. Spent is a past-tense verb. Last year I (spend) my holiday in Ireland. Positive Negative. The present-tense form of spent is spending. In the evenings we usually (go) to a pub. Spend definition, to pay out, disburse, or expend; dispose of (money, wealth, resources, etc. Present Progressive Tense. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. To Spend Conjugation; To Spend Infinitive: to spend Gerund: spending Past participle: spent Simple past: spent Irregular forms Auxilliary verb Spelling change Use contractions. Check past tense of spend here. Learn English Tenses - Irregular verb - to spend. Conjugate the English verb spend: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect, gerund, conjugation models and irregular verbs. Bonus: Learn the 20 most important irregular verbs, one per day, direct to your inbox. English Verb - To Spend Infinitive - to spend Present participle - spending Past participle - spent 1. Indicative.

This one's relatively straightforward and a quick lesson will walk you through the various verb forms. This is the British English definition of spend.View American English definition of spend.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Contextual translation of "past tense of spend" into Tagalog. Definition and synonyms of spend from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. The future-tense form of spent is will spend. The past participle of spend is spent. One night we even (learn) some Irish dances. See more. Positive Negative. The Past .

... Tenses for the Verb - To spend Click on the timeline to see how this irregular verb changes with each tense. Ver la traducción en contexto para spend y su definición. Find conjugation of spend. Singular I am spending You are spending He/she/it is spending

Spend is the present simple form of the verb, while the word spent is known to be the past and past participle of ‘spend.’ Spend is the first form of verb of the same word, whereas spent is the third form of the verb. In French, the verb dépenser means "to spend."

Present. Hope this helps! Support the free Verbix verb conjugation services © Verbix 1995-2020. Spent definition, simple past tense and past participle of spend. It (not / … Conjugación verbo spend inglés: present, past tense, past perfect, present perfect, future. Past Continuous - "He was spending time* with his mother, when he realised he hadn't got any beer." The future-tense form of spent is will spend. The present participle of spend is spending.. Translate spend in context, with examples of use and definition. Present Tense. Human translations with examples: noong, hubog, nagiba, nakalimutan, present tense, bumili(past tense). This is a reference page for spend verb forms in present, past and participle tenses. I (travel) around by car with two friends and we (visit) lots of interesting places. The past tense of spend is spent.. Spent is a past-tense verb. All rights reserved.