See more. 1886, in the meaning defined at sense 1. In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Philip is: Lover of horses. Meaning origin and history of the name Penelope Behind. Odyssey definition is - a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. In the Bible, Philip was the name of one of Christ's apostles. The name appears in the New Testament belonging to two people who are regarded as saints. The name Philip is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "lover of horses".. Philip, the name of one of the 12 apostles, is still favored by parents in search of a solid boys' classic that is less neutral than Robert or John and more distinctive than Daniel or Matthew and has many historic, royal ties. Phil definition, a male given name, form of Philip. voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune his odyssey from rural South to urban North, from poverty to affluence, from Afro-American folk culture to First Known Use of odyssey. This was the name of five kings of Macedon, including Philip II the father of Alexander the Great. King Philip of Macedon was the father of Alexander the Great. n. A name given to a person at birth or at baptism, as distinguished from a surname. How to use -philia in a sentence. -philia definition is - friendly feeling toward. PHILIP PHILLIP PHILOMENA PHILYRA PHINDIWE PHOEBE PHYLICIA PHYLISS PHYLLIS PHYRE PIA PICABO PIER PIERA PIERCE PIERRE PIERRETTE ... URBAN URI URIAH URIEL URILLA URIT URSA URSALA URSULA UTA UTE VAIL VAL VALARIE VALENCIA VALENTINA VALENTINE VALERIA ... From A.J.or Nat.Am name meaning Unconquerable Wisdom Dead and Awake (Af) From the name … From the Greek name Φίλιππος (Philippos) meaning "friend of horses", composed of the elements φίλος meaning "friend, lover" and ἵππος meaning "horse". Name meanings synonyms, Name meanings pronunciation, Name meanings translation, English dictionary definition of Name meanings.