Plumeria are small tropical trees with fragrant flowers, commonly used to make wonderfully scented leis in Hawaii. The species variously are endemic to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and as far south as Brazil and north as Florida, but are grown as cosmopolitan ornamentals in warm regions. Spend any time at all in the islands and you'll soon notice that these plumerias are everywhere. The traditional Hawaiian … Most species are deciduous shrubs or small trees. Sold Out. PSA Registered; Grower's Choice; Plumeria Tropicals Introductions; Shop by Region . ALOHA! And the variety of colors are certainly a beauty to, pink, white, yellow, and yes, even a variety known as 'rainbow. Plumeria UK is a specialist plumeria nursery in south west England offering on line catalogue shopping for very rare and exotic Hawaiian plumeria / frangipani flowers and plants. Oh that heavenly fragrance! Crafted with a fusion of Pure Essential Oils and Plumeria fragrance, Plumeria Tropical Body Wash is our top seller. The plants are typically propagated by stem cuttings. Plumeria trees grow throughout warm exotic spots around the world. To harvest the flowers, grasp individual blossoms at the base and remove them from the plant with a gentle tug. The Classic Hawaiian lei flower - Yellow Plumerias. The light floral scent smells just like the flowers on our Plumeria trees in front of the North Shore Soap Factory. Each stunning piece in this collection not only evokes thoughts of the unique fragrance of these beautiful blossoms, but … Here in Hawaii, Frangipani is a popular garden plant in tropical lowland areas. (That’s only $6.50 a Also known botanically as Frangipani, you may grow them in your U.S. landscape if conditions are warm enough. / Products / Page 1 of 2. Plumeria Tropicals is part of Paradise Tropicals Nursery, a small family owned nursery in Naples, Florida specializing in plumeria, bromeliads, and other tropicals for landscapes, lanaiscapes, and for the more exotic collector. Plumeria (/ p l uː ˈ m ɛ r i ə /) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. '  But what really sets the plumeri Since 1993 we have been growing amazing tropical plants and have been constantly adding new gingers, heliconias, bananas, tropical vines, tropical shrubs, plumerias, tropical fruiting plants and trees and so much more. For Hula and Tahitian dance performances. Plumeria is most susceptible to this insect when under stress. Plumeria is a beautiful tropical flowering plant that has a wonderful fragrance. Shop ; Plant Care; Our Story; Sign Up; PSA Registered; Grower's Choice; Quick Links; PSA Registered; Grower's Choice; Plumeria Tropicals Introductions; Shop by Region; From Australia; From California ; From Florida; From Hawaii; From Thailand; Quick Links .

A. plumeria lei is a traditional greeting among both residents and tourists in Hawaii. Several types are easily grown in containers in colder climates to enjoy a touch of the tropics in summer.