... globalization government-graphy guild hegemony helio-hierarchy historiography hyper-hypo-iberian identity ... AP World History History Jargon July 9, 2010 2 …

World history in 1215 - the high medieval world.

SPICE THEMES . This map shows what is happening in world history in 1215 CE. Inventions such as the compass, gunpowder and printing are of key significance to global history.
WHAP! There will be a quiz at the end of the first week over some of the terms and you will need to know these terms to be successful on assessments in this class. Democratization, process through which a political regime becomes democratic.The explosive spread of democracy around the world beginning in the mid-20th century radically transformed the international political landscape from one in which democracies were the exception to one in which they were the rule. To find out what kind of history is in textbooks, we analyzed the modern history (that is, since the year 1500) in four popular high school textbooks' and two college level texts that are commonly used in high school Advanced Placement (AP) world history classes. These are the overarching themes we use to breakdown (analyze) the human story. Migration and Globalization ... As noted by the World Bank in its report, “Globalization, Growth, and Poverty,” while countries have sought to promote ... “Today, the number of people living outside their country of birth is larger than at any other time in history. East Asia has seen great economic and technological progress over the past two centuries or so. AP World History Summer Work Below is a list of words you will encounter at some point during AP World History. Overview.
AP World History Jargon Below is a list of words you will encounter at some point during AP World History: ... globalization government -graphy guild haggle hegemony helio hierarchy historiography hyper- ... proto- providence province / provincial push-pull factors psycho- quagmire qualify quandary