A few common such reactions are described below. The United States, desiring to reward and celebrate significant achievements in Green Chemistry, has given out an annual award since 1996, the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Here are a couple: N_2+3H_2 rarr 2 NH_3 The Haber process was a Nobel-prize winning advance which demonstrated how to fix atmospheric nitrogen (which is a remarkably stable, unreactive element) into … !Here are few real world examples of synthesis reactions! Real life examples? !Here aresome of thethings we aregoing to cover.Copper Patina !! Before we practice a few examples, there are two concepts to keep in mind regarding synthesis reactions. Here are three examples Magnesium metal reacts with oxygen to produce magnesium oxide 2 Mg + O_2 -> 2MgO In this next example, sodium reacts with chloride to form table salt. (Please don't mix the two and then try to drink it to see if it tastes like salt water) HCl + NaOH ---> NaCl + H2O Chemistry happens in the world around you, not just in a lab. You may have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide like the one pictured here in your medicine cabinet at home. *Examples of decomposition reactions are described below : 1. If someone asked for a list of chemical reactions in everyday life, or even, say, just a list of single-replacement reaction examples in everyday life, an experienced chemist could go on for a very long time! Examples of reactions in aqueous solutions are discussed, for ... A synthesis, or combination, reaction is one in which a compound is formed from simpler materials—whether those materials be elements or simple compounds. The reactants may be elements or compounds, while the product is always a compound. The reaction takes place between different metals or halogens. It follows the pattern A+B rarr C There are many practical processes that are synthesis reactions. Some common examples of double replacement reactions are Hydrogen chloride mixed with sodium oxide. HelloAWESOMEChemistry Students!! Real life examples of single replacement reactions include the exterior of the Statue of Liberty and processes in the steel industry. A synthesis reaction, also known as a composition reaction, is characterized by the reaction of two or more substances chemically joining to form a single product. or do you mean common examples? A simple example would be the formation of hydrogen sulfate, which is a major contributor to nasty and toxic acid rain. Examples of green chemistry accomplishments listed below illustrate how green chemistry impacts a wide array of fields, from pharmaceuticals to housewares, and offer a pathway to a better world. !Alright kids!