It will be no problem to register the bike, and you will need to make no changes. I'd like to get it transferred into her name during the registration process and then I'd like to register it in California. It is important to note that new California residents must register vehicle within 20 days of establishing residency to … You're fine. My battery is dead and the dealership says its going to take more than a week to get a new battery in (the battery wont hold a charge). Please enter your ZIP Code to access Motorcycle Registration specific to your state: ZIP Code Go People who ride motorcycles seem to get lumped into two camps: those who are devil-may-care road warriors; or, those who are penny-pinchers who ride bikes for an inexpensive mode of transportation. The 7500 mile minimum (which you meet anyway), is for California residents buying a bike/car out of state. You don’t need a driver’s license to register your car in California. If someone is moving to California for the first time and bringing their used vehicles with them, the 7500 mile minimum isn't required. Private Motorcycle Sales. The 7,500 mile number was crucial because the bike did not claim to meet "FPA AND CA Emissions standards" only "FPA" standards. 3. Motorcycle insurance is obligatory in all but 3 states. 2. You will fill out a DMV bill of sale form at the Auto Club. Typically it will cost between $100 and $120 to register your motorcycle in North Carolina. If you have salvage title on a motorcycle in California but restore it to a point that it’s usable again, you can reregister it with the DMV as a legally drivable vehicle. I filled out the request for a new title and paid $201 in registration (sales tax included) and received the plates at AAA. I need to register my out of state motorcycle in California before the end of this month (current out of state registration expires this month). Registering a motorcycle in California is basically the same as that for registering a car or registering a new, out-of-state, or never before registered vehicle you'll need proof of ownership (like your title, or the name and address of the lien holder, if you have a loan); and insurance.Unlike cars, however, motorcycles do not require a smog check After buying a new motorcycle from a private seller, you'll need to title and register it in your name within 10 days of purchase.. Make an appointment with your local California Department of Motor Vehicles office and bring the following with you: . Step 4: Get Some Cash Together. Out-of-State Registration. Do i need to bring down the bike for inspection, or can I just register it without inspection at the DMV? It's not registered in California. 1. When you buy a car in your home state from a car dealer, the dealer takes care of the registration and title for you. In fact, the CA DMV site mentions that all you need is to: * Visit a local CA DMV office. To do this, you must submit to the California DMV an application that includes the cost of repairing the … … I need to register my out of state motorcycle in California before the end of this month (current out of state registration expires this month).