Usually ringed seals give birth to one baby. Its fur has a white color, so it is less noticeable to predators: foxes and wolves. While ringed seals (Phoca hispida) rely on stable sea ice in order to birth pups and raise them, they also rely on sufficiently deep snow drifts in which to dig lairs, which are much like snow caves and can mean the difference between life and death. Mother harp seals can recognize their pups’ voices and smells among hundreds, even thousands, of other pups on the same ice floe. That means that the embryo won’t attach to the uterus and begin to grow for several months after mating has occurred. They have been known to dig these holes through ice as thick as 2 metres. ringed seal. Pregnant women, however, should avoid ringed seal liver because of the damage that can result to an unborn child when a pregnant woman eats seal liver. Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar head to the Arctic to help Susie, a baby ringed seal, who's icy cave has melted away! Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar head to the Arctic to help Susie, a baby ringed seal, whose icy cave has melted away. (Courtesy Seal Rescue Ireland)

ringed seal - Google Search. The baby ringed seal found in County Kerry in southwest Ireland on January 2.

While it was initially hoped the seal could make it back to its mother, inquisitive people foiled such hopes. The ringed seal is the smallest and most common seal in the Arctic. These are a species of true seals that is also the most common seal of the Arctic and the sub-Arctic regions.

Depending on subspecies and condition, adult size can range from 100 to 175 cm (40-69 in) and weigh from 32 to 140 kg (70-308 lbs). Seal Rescue Ireland estimates it was only 3 to 4 weeks old. The ringed seal baby wears a white fur coat for the first time. Saimaa ringed seals are actually doing better than they were the last time I wrote about them. After mating the female body will take part in delayed implantation. Childbearing-aged women in Nunavut should have half the amount of mercury in their blood which is normally considered safe, that is, only eight ppb. Watch this video and hear the unique calls of the baby harp seal pups on the ice floes.

They have a small head, short cat-like snout, and a plump body. With Brandon Zambrano, Gabriela Aisenberg, Rosie Perez, Sabrina Jiang. The Ringed Seal is the smallest of all the seal species in the world.

But ringed seals—the smallest seal species—get their name from the light-colored circular patterns that appear on their darker gray backs.