Road signs A summary of the key road signs. If you are caught breaking rules for obeying road markings you could Learn the road rules for traffic signs & line markings for our roads. You will see different types of signs when you are using the roads. Community gateways include: large signs on green backgrounds, displaying the speed limit and town’s name eye-catching painted lines on the road, leading into the gateway These new signs and line markings make it easier to see speed limits and slow down These are explained below. They are explained below. There’s no such thing as “right of way” in the Road Rules. The rules in detail The key road rules for following road signs are found in, Part 8 – Traffic signs and road markings Road Safety Road Rules 2017. Our SprayLine Road Services teams work with local communities to repair and maintain the state’s roads and bridges and to respond to traffic Road marking services - Sprayline An important part of our work is to make the road network as safe as possible. The rules talk about giving way to other road users. All drivers need to be courteous on our roads and follow the appropriate line markings and signs in the area. Click here for more information. Road signs in Australia are regulated by each state's government, but are standardised overall throughout the country. Road markings A summary of the key Victorian road rules regarding road markings. Penalties You will see different types of road markings when driving in Victoria. In 1999, the National Transport Commission, or NTC, created the first set of Rules of the Road for Australia. See Giving Way for more information.

Road routes in Victoria assist drivers navigating roads throughout the state, as roads may change names several times between destinations, or have a second local name in addition to a primary name.