$13.00. cam-rap, adjusting strap, cam-harness) would not comply with Section 5.3.1 of FMVSS No.

Explore our offerings and then contact our Parts Department at (800) 258-2473 to place an order or find out more … That’s why more districts trust us for 3-point lap-shoulder belts, integrated child seats, and portable restraints. A safety harness that incorporates a webbing wrap (a.k.a. “The harness at issue compares in fundamental respects to standard child car-seat harnesses … and is not radically dissimilar to the ‘three point’ restraint systems that are standard equipment in automobiles, or to the locking and restraint systems that are typically used to secure wheelchair-bound students in school … If the vehicle has 12 or fewer seats, including the driver, then any children under the age of 7 years must use an appropriate child restraint or booster seat. Among areas of focus of school transportation litigation, the transportation of students with disabilities is especially complex. Find bus, train and ferry timetables and maps.

Child car seats in Australia: the law. If your child will be riding the school bus this year, this is information you need to know about keeping kids safe on school buses. Secure seats and seat belts are essential to travelling safely in most road vehicles. The safety harness has 4 loops – 2 on the top on either shoulder and 2 on the hip on either side. Compare Product Safecut. Western Bus Sales offers a large number of child restraints for use in school buses. Here, you'll find information on vehicle seating and seat belt rules and regulations, as well as guidance on replacing or repairing seat belts. Part No: SBRYHAR-1: Child Hi Back SBRYHAR-2: Child Low Back SBRYHAR-3: Adult Hi Back SBRYHAR-4: Adult Low Back. School Bus .

Though school age children are well protected in large school buses, they are not the only children who are transported in buses. Children aged 4 years to under 7 years must travel in either a forward facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness, ... A ‘bus’ is defined as a motor vehicle which seats more than 12 adults (including the driver).

$99.00. This amendment intro-duced the certification process for wrap-around custom harnesses for use on a school bus, but only for riders with a physical disabil-ity, … The child steps into the harness and puts their arms in through the arm holes. 213.

Easy Way Safety Services specializes in Seat Covers, Foams, and Child Safety Restraint Systems including the Safeguard STAR Seat, BESI Pro-Tech, E-Z-On Vests, Cam Harnesses, Wheel Chair Tie Downs and School Bus Seats These add-on individual restraints offer a cost-saving alternative to integrated child restraints built into school bus seats. Find out what NHTSA says about child restraint systems on school buses that have special compatibility requirements and installation as well as personnel training. From The National Safety Council: School Bus Safety: Infants, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers View All NSC Articles In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children who are being transported in school buses. Easy Way Safety Services specializes in Seat Covers, Foams, and Child Safety Restraint Systems including the Safeguard STAR Seat, BESI Pro-Tech, E-Z-On Vests, Cam Harnesses, Wheel Chair Tie Downs and School Bus Seats. Children aged six months up to four years must use a rear-facing or forward-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness. SafeGuard school bus seats are not only designed to keep children safer, but they have the benefits of improving behavior, reducing bullying, and minimizing driver distraction. A child safety restraint system, which includes safety harnesses, is best secured when attached to a school bus seat meeting FMVSS No. The use of Child Safety Restraints (CSR) — often generalized, simplified or incorrectly characterized as safety harnesses — has led to tort claims, civil rights complaints and due process requests. Welcome to BESI, Inc. As a nationally recognized supplier of OEM / Aftermarket school bus upholstery as well as seatbelts, securements, RF heat sealed and fabricated products for an array of applications, BESI has positioned itself as a leading innovator throughout several industries .

Children's seat belts and child restraints.