Music used: Start - Super Off-Road (from SNES) Desert - Nobody Told Me About Id Finish - Practice Stage Clear on Desert 1 (Super Off-Road Goal) â“’SEGA 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000 Sega Rally Championship. It pretty much sounds like a fusion of classic Sonic the Hedgehog sound with a nice rock base similar to a modern Sonic soundtrack, but infinitely better. parts: AROUND A LETTER (Sega Rally Championship) CONDITIONED REFLEX (Sega Rally Championship) DESERT LAND (Sega Rally Championship) DESERT REPLAY (Sega Rally Championship) END OF ROAD MONACO (Sega Rally Championship) FANFARE (Sega Rally Championship) FOREST REPLAY (Sega Rally Championship) GAME OVER YEAH! The last theme, composed by Tomoyuki Kawamura and arranged by Takayuki Hijikata, is entitled "Welcome to Sega Rally". Saturn Sampler Audio CD / Saturn Sampler Audio CD / Saturn Sampler Audio CD MMSJAN96 Soundtrack Competition / Sega Rally Championship Complete / / TYCY-5484 Soundtrack, Arrange 01.??