Loading... Unsubscribe from Tanya Shields? The song is featured in a 2011 on YouTube for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. These clapping games reinforce coordination skills as children sing (often silly songs) and perform rhythmic clapping sequences. The chorus of Cat Power's 2012 song “3, 6, 9” borrows heavily from The Clapping Song. Clapping Chorus Tanya Shields. The song is heard on the soundtrack of Cow, a notoriously graphic 2009 public information film on the dangers of texting while driving. ... Human Group Clapping in Same Tempo (Free Download Sound Effects) - Duration: 0:09. [TOMT] Song - fairly new song with clapping beat and "ahhs" in the chorus Solved There's some newish indie song that consists of an acoustic guitar, some piano and clapping for the "drums" the chorus consists of what sounds like a group of people singing "ahh" in a melody. That’s right—no drums until the second chorus, leaving the claps to do the heavy lifting.
It’s not such a complicated job, however.

By the first chorus of highlight “The Way We Get By,” the arrangement consists of only piano chords, bass, vocals and claps.