Fan Cast : Soul Calibur by SylvioJC | created - 28 Dec 2015 | updated - 07 Sep 2018 | Public Sort by: View: 42 names 1. There, he was confronted by the Conduit again, and told them that he needed the energy they gained from closing the astral fissures to channel them into Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. This article lists all the English voice actors (excluding Soulcalibur which is Japanese … Siegfried Schtauffen. Soulcalibur VI (ソウルキャリバーVI, Sourukyaribaa Shikkusu ) is the seventh installment in Namco's Soul series of fighting games.

Tira. Geralt of Rivia. Then, Azwel would mix their powers and finally unleash the Ultimate Seed. voiced by Kirk Thornton … Groh. But he was refused by the Conduit who defeated him in both of his forms. voiced by Lani Minella and 1 other. Siegfried's first previous English voice actor, Crispin Freeman, is known for voicing Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto series, Tsume from Wolf's Rain, Alucard from Hellsing, … voiced by Alison Lees-Taylor and 1 other. Images of the Tira voice actors from the Soulcalibur franchise. Siegfried Schtauffen. Doug Cockle is the English voice actor for Geralt of Rivia in Soul Calibur 6. She is a fortune teller making her debut appearance in Soulcalibur V. She is travelling with Z.W.E.I. It was released on October 19, 2018. voiced by Michael McConnohie and 1 other. Viola (ヴィオラ, Viora) is a character in the Soul series. Four years after it was thought that the evil sword known as Soul Edge had been destroyed, warriors from all over Europe and Asia once again take up the search to locate the blade for their own personal reasons. Ray Chase is an American voice actor who has voiced in anime, animations, video games and audiobooks. Not surprisingly, this isn't his first time voicing the Witcher character. voiced by Xander Mobus and 1 other. This is … This page contains a list of characters for Soulcalibur 6, including all known (and possibly rumored) fighters in the game.. I would probably bash Soul Calibur II for its extreme timidness to explore new areas; however, Soul Calibur found its way to one console: the DreamCast and I never got to enjoy the first Calibur game at home. Stars: Paul Jennings, Julie Parker, Jim Singer. Directors: Jin Okubo, Yoshitaka Tezuka, and 3 more credits ». So, I'm feeling a little forgiving.

voiced by Doug Cockle and 1 other. It is a reboot of the series which covers events starting pre-Soulcalibur, and was announced at The Game Awards 2017. Azwel is then finished by the Conduit, who used either Soul Edge or Soul Calibur to … Voiced most times by Lani Minella.
Alle Charaktere in Soul Calibur 6. voiced by Lani Minella … Voiced most times by Alison Lees-Taylor, Masumi Asano. voiced by Grant George and 1 other. Viola suffers from amnesia and does not remember neither her origins nor her past life. Nightmare. Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine. He is also known for his voice performances as Eve in Nier: Automata, Artorius Colbrande from Tales of Berseria, Roy from Fire Emblem, Yu Otosaka from Charlotte, and Bruno Bucciarati In JoJo's Bizarre … So now we have Soul Edge part 3 or Soul Calibur II. His best known role is Noctis Lucis Caelum, the main character in Final Fantasy XV. voiced by Roger Craig Smith and 1 other. Images of the Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine voice actors from the Soulcalibur franchise. voiced by Julie Ann Taylor and 1 other.

She uses a floating magic orb as her primary weapon. Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine. Soul Calibur 6 erscheint im Laufe des Jahres 2018 für PC, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One. Funky naming schemes aside, Soul Calibur looks better than Soul Calibur and feels about the same.