I don't know how often this gets addressed but I don't seem to find a whole lot on it. Most of the people I know that do host servers … A: Space Engineers is neither F2P or P2P.

A: Please join our community on Steam or join our Discord server. Q: Is the game free to play or pay to play? I'm using nfoservers.com to host an unmanaged virtual server and am having an awful time making Space Engineers go. Q: Are you considering Linux, Mac, Xbox, PS3 or any other port? Space Engineers is a "standard" PC game at this … Space Engineers client won't see Linux because it uses the iD Rage Game Engine that uses some Microsoft ONLY libraries, but the dedicated server may be able to be compiled into an iostream … A: Space Engineers has already been announced for XBOX One. A quick guide how to setup Space Engineers Dedicated server on a Linux box with Wine - se_server_linux.md. I was able to get a Space Engineers server running on Linux. We are also considering other platforms (for the future), but for now we are … ... Just setup a server for a friend and was Blown away to find out Space … Linux is the goto hosting platform for the overwhelming majority of server hosts, the reason being that it's simply easier to use in the context of server hosting.

Here's what I did. Space Engineers on Linux. Debian 8 (to use these files as-is) I had to launch the server on a windows VM to get the config files, but once those are copied over everything else runs fine via wine. Requirements. Docker container for running a Space Engineers server on a Linux machine.