], naufragou na costa da Indonésia depois de toda a sua tripulação morrer em circunstâncias suspeitas. Muncul keraguan terhadap kebenaran cerita ini, bahkan muncul keraguan bahwa kapal ini tidak pernah ada, dan hanya berupa legenda.. Referensi pertama mengenai insiden di kapal ini adalah pada Proceedings of the Merchant …

You may have heard the mystery of the Ourang Medan ghost ship - in 1947 (or 1948, accounts vary) distress SOS's were sent by a ship called the Ourang Medan in the Strait of Malacca. The SS Ourang Medan was a Dutch ship that was passing through the Strait of Malacca sometime between June of 1940 and 1948. S.S. Ourang Medan adalah kapal kargo Belanda yang menurut beberapa pengarang karam di perairan Selat Malaka setelah seluruh krunya tewas tanpa diketahui sebabnya. Marck Jr, assistant to the Director of the CIA Allen Dulles, in 1959 and addressed to an unknown recipient. Just a few moments later, the S.S. Ourang Medan exploded with strong force. The location of the disappearance of the SS Ourang Medan, just off the Indonesian coast In February of 1947, near the Indonesian coastline, a series of strange distress calls were picked up by numerous ships and listening posts; each received dispatch more alarming than the next. The SS Ourang Medan Story.

On a chilly morning of February 1948, a number of ships near the coasts of Indonesia received a very strange distress call from the Dutch freighter. 1947, and two US vessels making their way through the strait of Malacca received a frantic and seemingly troubled Morse code message… “All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. The two ships that received the distress signal were American as well as listening posts belonging to British and Dutch.

The video above from the YouTube channel Bedtime Stories explains the legend of the SS Ourang Medan in detail.

SS Ourang Medan - Ghost Ship In June of 1947, multiple ships traversing the trade routes of Malacca, which is located between Sumatra and Malaysia, claimed to have picked up a … As she was about to be towed to land the ship exploded, and sank to a watery grave – refusing to give up any answers as to what happened on her salty decks. A Dutch freighter, SS Ourang Medan, sent shivers down the spine of the rescue crew that landed on it after they were alerted of its peculiar behavior in 1948. The final and fourth oddity of the S.S. Ourang Medan was when the ships were tied together. O SS Ourang Medan era delas um navio fantasma, que de acordo com várias fontes [carece de fontes? This immediately made the Silver Star severe the tow rope attached to the now smoking ship. One day, an SOS was sent by the ship saying that captain and officers where dead, followed by a creepy message that said: "I die". The smoke was seen to be coming from the No.4 cargo hold of the freighter. Depending on who you speak to, in June 1947 or February 1948 a disturbing distress call was picked up by multiple ships from the Dutch cargo ship SS Ourang Medan.