I'm set on Phasers for sure as I've already invested in the tac vulnerability and other phaser boosting consoles. Seven, MK XIV high-CrtD Beam Arrays (of the same energy type) and the Kinetic Cutting Beam. March 26, 2020 Ship Builds | 37 Due to the high demand for science ship builds, here is a brief overview of what is currently in vogue. (Alternatively, 4 or 5 Dual Beam Banks, with 3 omnis.) Constantly maintained DPS-builds: Most builds are based on a tactical captain, but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. I'm also pretty set on a "beam boat" build. 4. If you're running a full Aux2Batt build, you don't need two Tactical Teams either. "This is my current loadout from way back in 2016. Star Trek Online has been out now on PS4 and Xbone for almost seven months, and over the course of the last seven months, myself and several others that I play regularly with have worked and researched on how to build good ships for running elite and advanced queues.

(06-02-2018, 03:41 PM) roughrider1988 Wrote: I like the piezos with the quantum phase sets... let's you concentrate your boffs more to damage and drains and such. Still, it's the most fun and i see myself always returning to it. I think S13 made a lot of the various build archetypes closer to beam builds than before. A ship that uses torpedoes to suppliment its damage capabilities, but does not use torpedoes as one of … The build guides will likely be a big help as they will provide in-depth information about how to build a solid character. The build was formulated after reading many posts online, most of which had level 12 very rare ship components. But when im in battle on elite pve im bearly scratching them, any tips The fire a series of average damage beams across a wide arc. I want to keep using this ship, AP beam boat, the Iconian set, and I would like to switch to Intel/Strat. I'd appreciate any suggestions but I'm specifically wondering about my weapons. On the Science side of things, pure exotic builds, exotic-torpedo builds, pure drain builds and drain-torpedo builds are performing really well. I might have to try that on the DPS/Drain build I'm working on. I'll have to work on getting those. Also, given that your ship is a 4/4 layout cruiser, stay away from the Omni beams and go with beam arrays. I'm trying to decide which aspect of my build should be my next goal to improve. If you already are in the 75k DPS channel or have billions of Energy Credits stored in Keys and/or other commodities, this site won't help you and, frankly, it's not intended to.
Vel makes a great point. One fair warning: only read on and recreate one of the builds if you want to invest hundreds of millions of energy credits, piles of Lobi and thousands of Zen.

damage type! 3. If you're going for a beam boat, the turrets will only hinder you. Referencing the original guide (where the author used "strong" and "weak" to describe the builds), I will throw in my own thoughts on what a "strong" and "weak" torpedo build is. Consider going for FAW 1 with BO3. Hi, i recently changed my exploration class tier 6 cruiser to a beam boat, with 3 28.4 percent damage for antiproton and antiproton everything.
Lose the turrets though. The 4-pc Iconian Set, with Ultra-Rare Warp core so that is gets the [AMP] mod. 6) I'd also drop the Torpedo Spread down a level or two. For a universal pve high dps beam boat we only use single beam weapons of !! (Antiproton, Polaron or whatever…) (Antiproton, Polaron or whatever…) The only exception of that is the Kinetic Cutting Beam in combination with the Assimilated Module (Omega reputation). Don’t miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship.. Beam weapons are equally effective against starship shields and hull. This beam array is an optional reward from Future Proof - Sunrise. !THE SAME!!! Marshall's piloting makes his transition to a beam boat easier, the average player is not gonna hop in a beam boat and do anywhere near 20k let alone 40k. I need a complete revamp. I can appreciate wanting to make maximum use of the wide-angle torpedo, but this is a beam boat at the end of the day so you want to focus on beam powers. This build nukes them all and is a lot of fun, sadly it is "finished" and very specific, so you can't really make it better and you'll need a second alt to play with energy builds. Beam arrays are the most common and versatile weapons available. I'd bump FAW or APB up to Lt Cdr.