In this blog, I want to focus on one critical aspect of social media training for supervisors and above. Unless your supervisors have the ability to intuit all of the above issues (and more), they need training on the legal and practical issues associated with social media and employment. In a previous post, I encouraged employees to NOT become Facebook friends (or otherwise connect via personal social media) with co-workers, supervisors and managers. Research and compile a list of COVID-19 community resources for digital and other social media content for information-sharing and education.

If you happen to have a supervisor who can intuit their way through the social media maze without training, please ask them to … A Supervisor's Guide to Social Media, Part One. Let’s take a closer look at social media in the workplace.

One of the issues touched upon during the chat was social media training. Lead 6 Reasons You Shouldn't Friend Your Employees on Social Media You may have a great relationship with your staff but getting too close can present … Furthermore, because most employers hold their managers and supervisors to a higher standard than rank and file employees, conduct that might be tolerated if an employee does it, need not be tolerated if a manager or supervisor does it. Hennepin County chief public defender is reprimanded over social media posts Failure to comply with the terns of her reprimand could result in further discipline for Mary Moriarty.

That is, what they should do when they see, or otherwise learn about, a post, blog, tweet, etc. Third, if you visit a "friend's" page, you may find out things about … A Supervisor's Guide To Social Media, Part Two. Design a group curriculum for virtual or future face-to-face sessions (e.g., managing anxiety, employability and job skill development, navigating online classrooms). Qualitative; also happy to supervise creative radio/audio projects. Youth and social media/mobile phones, Media and gender, feminist media studies, Communication for development/social change, Health communication; Preferred research methods. Scholarships and bursaries Possibly, but not yet confirmed of concern. 8.1.12. 5.1.12 (Dealership Update, ... Second, it is never a good idea for supervisors to become too close to the people that they manage on a day-to-day basis. I offered a few reasons why.