Here is a brief overview of the game… The original soundtrack will be fully composed by French electronic musician Danger. The Game Bakers were formed in … It is, perhaps, better to show than to tell. Haven : Le nouveau The Game Bakers (Furi) dévoile sa première vidéo de gameplay 10/07/19 Vidéo 1 1321 Après Furi, The Game Bakers dévoile Haven, son nouveau RPG onirique

French indie studio The Game Bakers have announced Haven, a brand-new co-op RPG that's set to come to PC sometime in 2020. Related Articles. It what may be the shortest press release we've ever received, Haven sets things up with the statement "They escaped to a lost planet to be together". To promote Haven (The Game Bakers) and grow its popularity (), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire.Or try our widget. Découvrez la vidéo Haven : la nouvelle production de The Game Bakers se dévoile. Bon appetit! Haven ist das neue Spiel von The Game Bakers, die man für die Bosskampf-Action Furi kennt. The Game Bakers. Developer The Game Bakers has announced more details and released the debut gameplay trailer for its latest title, Haven.Players control a pair of lovers, Yu and Kay, who have escaped to a lost planet in their attempt to stay together. Haven, prochain jeu de The Game Bakers, nous révèle aujourd'hui son générique d'ouverture. Purchase.

There are also more details on how the game follows protagonists Yu and Kay. The Escapist interviews The Game Bakers, the developer of Furi, about their love story adventure game Haven. News. Depuis le succès de Furi en 2016, nous attendions forcément le studio montpelliérain The Game Bakers au tournant, impatients de découvrir leur nouveau projet. The Game Bakers Reveals More Haven Details The Game Bakers has released the first gameplay trailer for its newest title, Haven. We create experiences that players will remember. The Game Bakers is unveiling today more details on the soundtrack for their upcoming game Haven. Haven – indie studio The Game Bakers’ upcoming title – takes this concept even higher and into space itself, featuring a couple that escaped to a lost planet in order to be free together. We are working hard cooking up our next storm! Have a gander at the game's teaser trailer to get a feel for what's going on: Et il est plutôt réussi. Très réussi, même. Game profile of Haven (PlayStation 4) first released 2020, developed by The Game Bakers and published by The Game Bakers. sur The company are known for creating games for mobile devices including Squids and Combo Crew, but have recently shifted their focus to console and PC games, with Furi History. A lire sur : Trois ans après avoir livré Furi, les Français de The Game Bakers sont de retour aux affaires avec Haven. Furi developer The Game Bakers has announced Haven, an adventure RPG playable in single-player or co-op.It is due out for consoles and PC in 2020. Genre: Role-Playing, Adventure. It will play differently but have Furi's soul. The upcoming RPG is all about "everyday love, rebelling against the rules and also, food." Release Date: 2020 Official Website. We're The Game Bakers, we make game like we make food. In this group, we're happy to hear about your taste and share our recipes. New Haven Trailer Shows Off An Adorable Romance. The Game Bakers is an independent game studio based in Montpellier, France. Games baked so far: Furi, our bossfight extravaganza, Squids Odyssey our underwater tactical adventure.