After two months of rigorous auditions, Br Andrew joined the team of nine other amateur bakers to be a part of ‘The Great American Baking Show’ Season 5. Season 5 premieres June 22nd at 9/8c Follow the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the U.K.'s best.

The holidays may be over but The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition still had one finale hurrah last night with the semifinals and finals. Meet Brother Andrew Corriente the Capuchin friar from Washington, DC.

‘The Great American Baking Show’ will be back next year, around the same time, with a brand new season full of food, fun, and competition.

Another glorious season of the biggest baking championship came to a close with another talented baker as the winner. was none other than the Capuchin contestant, Brother Andrew Corriente! Show Us Your Bakes!

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The best of the best competed to show … Here's what you need to know before season 5 … The winner of this year’s nationally televised bake-off, The Great American Baking Show,. If you have an entertainment scoop or a story for us, please reach out to us on (323) 421-7515
Baking shows are all the rage, especially during the holiday season when everyone wants to see (and taste) delicious pies, cakes, and other sweet treats. The Great American Baking Show season 2 episode 5 Chocolate Week : For the Signature Bake, the bakers are tasked with creating a dozen molten lava cakes where mere minutes in the oven can result in a cake whose center flows like hot magna or has no ooey-gooeyness at all. Simply put, the Season 5 premiere for ABC's "Great American Baking Show" was…not great. The Great Canadian Baking Show - S03E07 - Pie Week - October 30, 2019 || The Great Canadian Baking Show (30/10/2019) After 4 weeks of The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition, the three finalists from Season 5 were Dana Commandatore, Brother Andrew Corriente, and Marissa Troeschel. "The Great American Baking Show" will be coming back to ABC on December 12, 2019 for a holiday edition that will last four episodes. The Great American Baking Show season 5 episode 1 Cake and Bread Week : Cake and bread are on the menu when 10 aspiring bakers from around the country step into the famous white tent to tackle the challenges of cake and bread. The Great American Baking Show is an American cooking competition television series and an adaptation of The Great British Bake Off (which is aired in the United States under the title The Great British Baking Show).Its first season aired on ABC under the title The Great Holiday Baking Show. The show is the second licensed adaptation of the GBBO format in the United States.