Follow this actor: _____ Austin Hourigan Video Editor He now does voice-over work of all sorts and you can check out just a tidbit of other things he’s done over at his website. Fallout Lore: The Storyteller is a Machinima series about the universe of the Fallout franchise, created by the Shoddycast channel on YouTube, who also do … Madison Li (voice) Matthew Waterson ... Virgil (voice) Byron Marc Newsome ... Tinker Tom (voice) Nicholas Guy Smith ... Proctor Quinlan / Supervisor Brown (voice) Number three is his favorite, but New Vegas gets an honorable mention. Josh has helped produce nearly every video on the Shoddycast stretching back to the beginning of recorded time; however, this playlist is for the videos he voices himself. Cyborg V13, AKA The Vault-Droid. The Big Bad of Seasons 3 and 4, thus far; an NCR experiment that went disastrously wrong.. Jason’s played the Fallout series since its inception.