Thats and i was waiting for they are billions for ages but do agree frostpunk looks better pitty not both on sale but think i will go with frost punk as … The next 15 games do so in their own way (zombie or not).

Someone's going to suggest They Are Billions but I don't think it and Frostpunk can really be compared mechanically unless you're willing to stretch for similarities. I'm leaning a *bit* towards Frostpunk, but it seems like it has no replayability.

I didn't really enjoy playing Northgard, it felt too simple and straightforward that I lost interest quickly. I'd say I got the most time out of Civ6 but I didn't enjoy it as much as They are Billions. Well, these are games like Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is most definitely not a builder game, as I was repeatedly told on their forum, and as the YouTube videos show.

“The city” is, also, a generous term. It's main difference is the number of ways to get to the game over screen : P As much as I love the survival and story elements, they could be renamed and receive different … I could've just not given it a proper chance. Are replays of Frostpunk different enough to justify getting this over TAB? The city-management simulator from the folks behind This War of Mine is a big hit. We're talking the same-ish gameplay that fans of Frostpunk …

Frostpunk is less about the conquest-driven expansionism that formed the backbone of They Are Billions, and more about the city. You build bases, suck resources out of … Trying to decide between them. It will also last about 45 in-game days. I don't mind a game that can be finished in 6 hours, but $30 is a high asking price for it. It's not meant to be a long-term campaign style game, but short-term scenarios. They Are Billions introduced an improved sandbox style and intelligent AI generator seen through a dynamic map, endless objectives and next-level zombie tactics. Tropico is probably the closest thing but it doesn't have the survival swing.. Banished is another candidate but I think that game is incredibly easy, to the point where the survival aspect is underminded by its lack of difficulty.. The steampunk zombie survival RTS They are Billions has become a sensation over the new year break. They are billions takes closer to 60-70 hours to play by once but overall the campaign is far less polished and has many more flaws than frostpunk. It's a survival game that happens to incorporate a couple of city-builder aspects. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to … My take on it: Frostpunk is a building sim like the ANNO or Cities series. They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. So when talking about a first play experience I would rate frostpunk higher. I love the genre and would actually recommend FrostPunk over NorthGard.