How to Determine Proper Weight Distribution on a Semi Trailer.

See our reviews for the 5 best weight distribution hitches and the buyers guide, Choosing the Best Weight Distribution Hitch. trailer Weight distribution systems are available online and instore at Weight distribution is one of the main things to … A weight distribution hitch lets you use the maximum towing capacity of your hitch. When it comes to safe trailer towing, weight distribution is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Includes round, forged steel spring bars and an adjustable shank. tongue weight $569.99 $629.99.

by EAZ LIFT. Proper weight distribution is a major factor in road wear and tear.

These brackets can either be bolted onto or welded to the exterior of your trailer's frame and are compatible with any chain hanger style weight distribution system. Weight Distribution Hitches Refine Your Results By: My Store Select a Store. trailer weight, 1,000 lb. It helps to smoothly handle a bumper. But if you want to own the best weight distribution hitch with sway control and have money to spare, the Andersen could be a good choice. Tongue weight is the portion of the load (generally between about 10 and 15 percent of the gross trailer weight) that's far enough forward in the trailer that it presses down on the hitch. Trunnion WD .

Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: Complete Reese Pro Series 10K GTW 550 lbs TW Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch w/ Friction Sway Control and Shank Round Bar Load Leveling Travel Camper. Add to Cart.

It helps give you a smooth, level ride while towing a heavy load on your trailer. The gross trailer weight (GTW) and tongue weight (TW).

Save $60.00 (10% Off) Free Shipping. 8 hours ago. Calculate Axle Weights for Semi-trailer ... Now you can use the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator to calculate axle weight distribution for a semi truck with a semi-trailer. A weight distribution hitch is a system designed to create a level, stable ride when you tow a trailer. Don't pack cargo in the wrong location and compromise the truck's safety. Have the proper loading equipment, such as a hand truck or forklift, on hand to ensure that cargo can be moved in and out of the trailer easily. On the other hand, too much weight on the tongue can overload the tow vehicle and cause poor tow vehicle braking, poor cornering and can damage the trailer frame. $238.90$238.90. This much sought-after feature is being released in an update to our Axle Weight Calculator today. Refine Search.

Includes Everything Pictured: Head Assemnly Round Adjustable Spring Bars Adjustable Shank Lift.. $419.74 . A light tongue weight or heavy weights placed at the rear end of the trailer can cause sway.

EAZ LIFT 48058 1,000 lbs Elite Kit, Includes Distribution, Sway Control and Hitch Ball - 1,000 lbs Tongue Weight Capacity. Tongue weight (or TW) also includes any weight that's behind the rear axle of the towing vehicle. Weight Rating: All weight distribution hitches have a specific weight capacity that dictates safe hauling loads and operation. More Buying Choices. A load distribution hitch uses tensioned bars or rods to prevent the back of the tow vehicle from sagging and spreads the weight of the trailer across all axles.