Hunting with Hounds This method is both resource and labour intensive and is also disruptive of riparian wildlife such as nesting birds and otters. In NY, even if land isn't posted it's considered private property and you must leave if asked to by the landowner. It's a way of life.

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We prefer if at all possible to leave our mink sets around 10 days to 2 weeks. Natural holes and tunnels also make useful trap positions as these tend to be investigated by mink. What can I say? A trapping license is required of anyone 16 years of age or older who traps furbearers (bobcat, mink, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, and weasel), or nuisance animals (beaver, coyote, fox, nutria, and skunks) in the State of Mississippi. Except landowners trapping on land deeded in their name are not required to be licensed.

It also includes all related activities such as placing, setting, staking or checking traps or assisting another person with these activities. Mink will readily work dirthole type sets too. Definition of Trapping To trap means to take, kill or capture wildlife with traps, deadfalls and other devices commonly used to take wildlife, including the shooting or killing of lawfully trapped animals. Thinking of using pan triggers for mink next fall. Since you will be road trapping set every culvert and bridge. Care should be taken to avoid harming protected species such as otters and polecats. One thing we try to do when setting for mink is gangset.
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Once a good site has been found, a number of mink may be caught there over a period. My intention is to use them at baited sets, most likely a wood box set under bridges after freeze-up. FAGt LargeSouthernMink 79 CaughtinMinnesota 84 AFewGoodOnes 91 BroketheFastening 94 TrappingDownStream 100 EasternTrapperandTraps 104 BarricadeSet 109 NorthwestTrapperandMink 120 NorthernMinkTrapper'sShanty 126 AFewDays'Catch 132 ThreeLogSet 141 SomeNewYorkStateSkins 153 PoleDeadfall 163 StoneDeadfalls ' 166 BoardorLogTrap l70 … The American mink (or just 'mink') escaped from fur farms in the 1950s and 1960s, and now breeds across most of the country. Sites under bridges and at junctions of streams are particularly suitable. I would not appreciate if it I saw a person snooping around the creek on my side of the road either and assume that other land owners would feel the same.

Tonight we interview Stephen Bridges about how and why he got into trapping on his own place, but for other ranches also.

Mink Control Best Practice For Wildlife Conservation Potential types of mink control There are a number of possible methods of mink control, however many are ineffective and some are illegal. Read Tom Krause's book and he suggests 1/4 wire mesh for pans, have heard of other usign tin or aluminium, others using wood. Get down on your knees In those spots and look under those under cut banks that's where the mink makes It's living look for pinch points where the mink Is forced to travel.

I always planned on asking permission first but was just wondering if everybody else did likewise when trapping under bridges. 2012/2013 Trapping Season Goals: 1/5 canines 11/8 raccoon 16/12 muskrat 1/1 mink 0/1 weasel 4/6 beaver Trapping Radio 357, predator trapping in Texas for coyotes, bobcats and raccoons with Stephen Bridges.