From classically fashioned ukuleles to modern acoustic-electric options that let your sweet sounds ring through larger spaces, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. It is the only place on the whole neck that does this. And so it is …

As Got A Ukulele is a site for buyers of all kinds, it's only right that from time to time I look at ukuleles that are aimed at the younger players out there.

In this guide I will try to explain as good as I possibly can how to properly restring your ukulele.

I thought it might be the strings, so I changed them and the problem persists.

3. Halp. Hello, On my Crafter GAE-30, most strings sound reasonably clear and well, and so does the low E-string as long as it isnt fretted. Is it just a case of adjusting the block on the but forward or perhaps backwards. And it doesn't sound nice at all. Check for gaps between your ukulele’s bridge and body, perhaps the glue isn’t holding anymore.

Ukulele Strings. 1st String was G 2nd String was C 3rd String was E 4th String was A GOOD LUCK ON TUNING YOUR UKULELE! Usually you can fix this (or avoid it altogether) by reinstalling the string, making sure to … I have the problem of one fret on the G string *ahem* on the 14th fret that sounds dead. I'd add that the angle of the string against the headstock can affect buzzing. This usually results in a more thuddy, or dead sounding string.

Some good suggestions here. Can anyone explain to me why the C string on so many ukuleles sounds dead or distorted at times? After the string is loose enough (or unwounded) push the string through bridge hole. 2. Unwind the tuning key (peg or machine head) until the string is loose or even completely unwound. Posted by 6 years ago. Fix: Simply trim the strings.

This wraps the string around the excess length and holds the string tightly so that it doesn’t slip.

A) Removing the old ukulele strings. I replaced my Kalas' Aquila strings immediately with Oasis, as they have a much thinner flourocarbon C string. 1. Please can someone help me! A string winder can help speed up the process, but the process is the same with or without one. This is what a tuned ukulele should sound like.

C string sounds dead on many of the tenor ukes I have listened to. Changing ukulele strings can be quite a pain when you are just starting out, but restringing an instrument can give a new boost to the sound and you’ll enjoy it even more after doing it. Now you can undo the ukulele string knot and safely remove string. My ukulele is buzzing! The same is done with my classical guitars, even if …

Jump to page: Results 31 to 38 of 38 ... Anyways now C-string sounds longer instead dies soon and I can also check the tuning on upper frets on that string.

New ukuleles often come with low quality strings – which can make them sound disappointing straight out of the box. Repeat this for the four strings. I am posting a link of a great player playing on a great ukulele because at first I thought maybe it was just a player or a low end ukulele, but I have heard this on a majority of Ukuleles I have heard sampled online. (I found this on a bass guitar and fixed the problem with a ziptie to keep a little bit of tension on the string. Page 4 of 4 First... 2 3 4.


If you're looking for a great place to start, the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele and Kala Makala Concert Ukulele are two of our most popular and highest rated concert ukes. I am so happy now. Try pressing down on the string between the tuning head and the but and see if the noise goes away. Close. Archived. Fix: You have a loose bridge. So, every string on my ukulele is buzzing on the first fret and it sounds terrible. I view the ukulele C string in the same way as the nylon string guitar G string: too fat for its own good.

Wrap the first turn above the tuning peg’s hole, then just before you complete one full turn, push it down below the hole and continue winding.

Identify: When you put pressure on your bridge the buzzing stops. 2. Using good quality strings on your ukulele can make a big difference to the way they sound. Halp. Identify: The ends of the strings are touching something or are simply in the way and causing a rattle sound.

When fretted, it loses much treble and sustain. Out with old, in with the new! How can I fix this? My ukulele is buzzing! All strings also buzz on the tenth fret. It does that also when the string is new.