- Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies.

If the hostname and scheme of this URI instance and uri are the same, then this method returns a relative Uri that, when appended to the current URI instance, yields uri.. Returns Uri. Library and Information Studies MLIS Curriculum Program Requirements A total of 36 credits is required for the MLIS degree: 15 credits of core courses, and 21 credits of elective classes.

If the string parameter passed to the constructor is … The Uri class defines the properties and methods for handling URIs, including parsing, comparing, and combining. This constructor does not ensure that the Uri refers to an accessible resource. Upon completion of ... Africana Studies B.A.

This constructor assumes that the string parameter references an absolute URI and is equivalent to calling the Uri constructor with UriKind set to Absolute.

If the hostname or scheme is different, then this method returns a Uri that represents the uri parameter.. A URI is a compact representation of a resource available to your application on the intranet or Internet. The Uri class properties are read-only; to create a modifiable object, use the UriBuilder class.

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