by Helen Ashcroft; Aug 25, 2018; Share Tweet Email. The 30 Rarest Nintendo Games Of All Time (And How Much They're Worth) ... We had to include this at #1 since it just recently set a new record for most amount of money ever spent on a single video game by a considerable margin. Lot Value Calculator . Mine was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k back in the days when gaming was far more basic than now.
A lot of people are making money off video games these days. Released for the Sega 32X, the game was one of … Custom Price Guide . Comment Share. Calculate the total value of multiple games at the same time. Your Old Video Games Might Actually Be Worth a Lot of Money By Chris Morris. Lot Value Automater . May 31, 2016 Super Mario bros video game - World 1 level 1. The original PlayStation is one of my favorite consoles of all time. Paste a list of video games & automatically … If you have any of these cartridges sitting around in your mom's basement, good news: You're sitting on some cash money. Customize & download your own price guide with the games you want. And some professional players earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in … Video gaming, like any hobby, can become very expensive, especially if you’re a collector. Comment Share. Alamy. 25 Crazy Rare PlayStation 1 Games Worth A Fortune Today. Some video games of previous generations are now worth hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands, depending on rarity and condition. See what you own while browsing PriceCharting; Video Game Collection Tracker Tools for Game Collectors & Resellers. by Tristan Jurkovich; Dec 26, 2018; Share Tweet Email. Price Guide.

Lot Calculator. Who knew video games could be worth so much money? Before you dump that old box of video games, you may want to see if one of those dusty old cartridges is worth as much as a brand-new car. 19 Crazy Rare Video Games Worth A Fortune (And 10 Extra Rare Accessories) These long lost video games and accessories are worth a fortune today.

Time to check our closets and collections for any of the following PlayStation 1 games, they're worth a fortune! Can you remember your first console or computer? 0. The video game was published in 1996, and like most popular games from this era, is worth quite a lot of money today. Most video games depreciate after you buy them, but not these. YouTube celebrities (like PewDiePie) have made millions by recording themselves playing new releases. 0.