Here are some of the coolest military robots. The major driving factors for the military robotics market is the advancement of … Autonomous vs. Semi-autonomous. Robots can save soldiers’ lives, they can remove serving soldiers, who might be killed, from the battlefield, they are remote-controlled mobile robots or autonomous robots, they are designed for military applications, from transport to search & rescue and attack, they are not fully autonomous, they require human intervention to ensure that targets are not within restricted fire areas. What we’re trying to do here is use our imaginations a bit and think about what tomorrow’s military robots might actually look like. At present the most commonly used military robot … As with any move towards autonomy, we’re likely to see varying degrees of autonomy come into play when it comes to military robots. Top 5 New Military Robots From scrubbing barnacles off aircraft carriers to spying on bad guys from the clouds, a new class of robot could see the battlefield soon. These robots help military capable of image capturing, bomb disposal, gunfire, carry wounded military personnel, and detect mines among others. Robots are the future of most industries, and nowhere is that more apparent than the military. Military robots come in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement, and they may be remotely controlled or fully autonomous. Military robots sound pretty high tech. Depending on the application requirements, sensors, detectors, weapons, programmed software, and other payloads can be equipped on robots used in the military. Because if we can do it, that means other countries can do it too! Swords were our weapon of choice until guns were invented. Military Robotics are the being majorly used for military and homeland security purpose, it has been designed for armed tasks like gunfire, airborne, and for underwater surveillance. I'm not sure I'd like to … I think the robots that are able to go and get wounded soldiers are probably the best ones! I'm not a big fan of war, and I get a little disturbed hearing about how unmanned planes can now carry out attacks. Sure, it sounds great when you're the one with the robot. Interesting facts, Future Military Robots Our wars used to be fought on foot, but then we harnessed horses for battle. And today the development in this technology is well demonstrated by military robots in Afghanistan and Iraq. Robots consist of different types of payloads depending on the application.