The Hurdy Gurdy Man is any singer-songwriter in any age, whether they were Ireland of whether they were in the streets of New York during the 60s. Donovan wanted MacLeod's band to record it but they played it in a heavy rock style and Donovan wanted it light and acoustic, so he kept it for himself. Like a … What Is A Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy For Sale.

'Hurdy Gurdy Man' was influenced by the sounds I heard there." The hurdy-gurdy is the first stringed instrument Like an Organ grinder would use for his monkey to dance too.

A hurty Gurty man is someone that stirs up the a group of people. Hurdy-gurdy definition is - a stringed instrument in which sound is produced by the friction of a rosined wheel turned by a crank against the strings and the pitches are varied by keys. Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man” may be the creepiest song ever written about an obscure medieval instrument (made all the more so by its use in David Fincher’s Zodiac), but the Hurdy Gurdy did not give his recording its ominous sound. Donovan wrote the song for his old guitar mentor Mac MacLeod, who had formed a power trio he called "Hurdy Gurdy."