S A D I E. Carter, I thought. By: Myra109. Thanks Tier: At most 6-C| 6-A Meaning of the Irish name Riordan. In the Kane chronicles, I heard carter Kane's secret name is Kevin Grimaldo.

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DARK! What is the sarcophagus in the pyramid made of? London.

Sadie used his secret name in The Red Pyramid to almost banish him to the Duat. gold. How do you pronounce the last name Riordan? Capstone. 3. Julius takes them to the British Museum to "study" the Rosetta Stone. The United States Secret Service uses code names for U.S. presidents, first ladies, and other prominent persons and locations. Later in the book, Carter says that he should change his secret name to "Embarrassed to Death by Sister", due to being shocked and embarrassed that Sadie knew him better than anybody else in … Your name may be Amy, but what's your secret name? Hosting a god is a crime the world of Egyptian magic, however. You don't just hand over your secret name. What's Your Secret Name? Find out the real you on this quiz! Evil Day. 6. Follow/Fav Secret Name. Without permission, that is, so neither of the Kanes have a clue they’re godlings. Books Kane Chronicles. 25 Comments. It is the first novel in The Kane Chronicles series.

Fic, bullying, violence, blood, self harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, some child abuse (verbal and physical), child molestation but not graphic .

I cherish them deeply. Can object oriented systems scale up better from small to large. Disclaimer: I'm not an old man, so I definitely do not own The Kane Chronicles. Are you shy and scared of everything, or fun and outgoing? Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them–Set–has his sights on the Kanes. Does vera Lynn have any grandchildren. Sadie's. Set's secret name, as told by Zia, is Evil Day. Whose Ba travels to Cleopatra's Needle? Photos of my friends and family. Pictures of my enemies...with their faces crossed out. See Full Answer. Set's secret name, as told by Zia, is Evil Day. Where is Cleopatra's Needle? The use of such names was originally for security purposes and dates to a time when sensitive electronic communications were not routinely encrypted; today, the names simply serve for purposes of brevity, clarity, and tradition. What did she see when she was looking through his memories? Carter Kane is one of the main protagonists of the Kane Chronicles books, along with his sister Sadie Kane. The story begins when Carter Kane and his father, Julius Kane, go to London to visit Sadie, Carter's sister who lives separately from them. Probably the things I wish to guard and protect. What is missing from the pyramid when Carter sees it?

Take this quiz to find out! Isis chooses Sadie; Horus chooses Carter.