So the next time you ask yourself “What song should I sing?”, consider a staple from one of these genres. I can play almost anything and if you suggest something I don't know the chords to, I'll learn tomorrow and the next day. I'm auditioning for The Voice on Tuesday and I'm still deciding on what song to sing. Choose a song that stands out to you, and work with your voice teacher to refine the style. Is your jam "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor? This classic 90s pop song should be your signature karaoke song because it is the perfect song for a group of fun-loving friends to sing together. quiz. So I play guitar and my girlfriend doesn't know! It's a tough call, deciding which song to sing in your Blind Audition. You need something new in your life.

Any songs would be much appreciated. Then you can use the resources available to you (library, internet, etc.)

Just because you like a certain genre of music, doesn't mean you can sing or play it well. Btw I'm a girl! Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis are a few others known for singing songs that require a huge range, advanced skill, and precise technique.

I'm wondering now, what song I should play for her. Summerland is the song for you.

Hey everybody. It is simple.

This is more than a just good song that you should learn to sing. She loves live music and singing and I have kept it a secret from her so I could surprise her on her birthday, which is in 3 days. Ok, I'm auditioning for the "The Voice" on NBC this Tuesday, and I'm really excited. It has the strongest and the most meaningful lyrics modern song could have. So the next time you ask yourself “What song should I sing?”, consider a staple from one of these genres.

We are a database of thousands of songs. what song??? I would prefer it if the song was a little more difficult as it would showcase my range. We find TITLES of songs that match your criteria. Latest Articles. You should definitely know how to sing “Blowing in the Wind” by Bob Dylan. And I look up to Taylor a lot. This is NOT a site where you will find sheet music for your audition songs. And I have so many songs in my head that are both pop, and country but I mostly do country. Michael Jackson, for example, was known as the king of Pop but actually loved R&B, Rap, and Reggae! Whether you are at a birthday party or on a cruise with your college friends, this is always the appropriate song to sing. She will absolutely adore it I'm sure. Please help me chose a song! Luckily, we've put together this quiz to help you choose! And the song that I know well (except for the bridge), is called Fearless by Taylor Swift. This site is for exactly its namesake: What Song Should I (You) Sing? You'll be surpised to know the number of famous muscians that actually prefer to listen to a completely different genre than they play. Sing one of their songs with extreme caution, as they often sing very difficult songs and sing them extremely well, leaving imitators to pale in comparison.

Take this quiz to find out what song you should sing, whether it's at … should i make a cover??? I have a music project and I have to choose a song to sing in front of my whole class! You're done with the same old, same old.