But before we continue to elaborate, we need to point out a striking fact in mobile home VIN numbers. New boat trailers should have a visible VIN from the original manufacturer. They can be reached at 800-348-7553.

Boat trailers also have VINs so they can be tracked. According to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the serial number identifies the mobile home maker and state of manufacture. The VIN may also be located on the trailer's frame, at the rear end, near the axle and on any primary frame members of the vehicle. A typical VIN inspection of a trailer will only involve checking for the VIN on the tongue. In some cases a VIN plaque is affixed to the side or interior of the trailer. The VIN for Jayco trailers is typically found on the lower portion of the driver's side frame.

Finding it can be quite a challenge on some RVs.

Identifying a VIN is done during an inspection, so it's important that you know where the VIN is located on your boat trailer. There are times you need to locate the vehicle identification number (VIN) on your camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome. Where is the VIN located on my trailer? Generally, the VIN will be located on the front half of the semi-trailer on the driver’s side in a fixed position (can’t be on a moving part) because anyone must be able to read the VIN number from the outside.

Each section (eight foot minimum width) of a mobile home has its own VIN. Here are the most likely places to find your RV VIN – Travel Trailers or Campers – along the frame and along the tongue and inside exterior compartments and interior cabinets. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, if the VIN is missing or cannot be verified from the boat trailer, the owner should bring the trailer to a DMV safety inspection location for inspection and for possible reassigning of VIN. Cars have them, as do boats and motorcycles.

The VIN of many older trailers is … June 28th, 2015. If you cannot find anything there then you will just want to inspect the rest of the frame and up towards the coupler for an information tag/plate or a number that is stamped right into the frame itself.

On some units, the serial number is the VIN number. Use the following strategy for finding the trailer VIN number (one by one).

The VIN label is located on the driver’s side tongue or the front of the frame. Since you are lucky enough to know that Wells Cargo made the trailer, and that you have what appears to be a serial number, the folks at WC should be able to help you if you provide them the same photo along with others showing the trailer exterior and interior. Where Are VIN Numbers Located on Travel Trailers The VIN number is going to tell you the model year of your travel trailer as well as the serial number. VIN Number Location.com This VIN number location guide will show you how to find a Vehicles Identity Number (VIN) It provides details on how to find a vehicles VIN plate engine and chassis number along with pictures indicating a cars identity number positions.