A new bill was later introduced that would demand its return to the … Gibeon Meteorite is a rare gemstone. The Willamette meteorite was “discovered” in 1902 when a miner named Ellis Hughes noticed the meteorite on property adjacent to his own, which belonged to Oregon Iron & Steel. The price is rising since there are only limited amount. This meteorite is believed to have been one of the largest meteorites found on the earth. A piece of the sacred meteorite Tomanowos, also known as the Willamette meteorite. The Willamette Meteorite - €851,000 In October 2007, this million-euro fragment of the meteorite was offered up for sale in New York.

It began a tale of controversy almost the moment it was discovered in 1902. This iron meteorite, which was found in Oregon, is the largest ever found in the United States and the sixth-largest in the world. Buy Willamette meteorite on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders The meteorite has been dubbed the “Edmore Meteorite” after the town of Edmore, Michigan where it was originally found. The Willamette Meteorite at 15.5 tons is the largest meteorite ever found in North American. GREG WAHL STEPHENS/AP file Dr. David Wheeler holds a photocopy of a piece of the Willamette Meteorite in West Linn, Ore., on Feb. 12, 2001. It was returned to the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde as a donation by the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Meteorite Trail Dial for Info Listen to recording at: 503-342-3597 Press "#" Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail Tour Stop I - Willamette Meteorite Interpretive Trail It was discovered in 1902 by Ellis Hughes a local man who recognized it was a massive iron meteorite. If Gibeon Meteorite is so cheap, you might have to think it is a fake. La météorite du nom du lieu de découverte, la vallée de Willamette, en Oregon. Most iron meteorites like Willamette have originated from the differentiated core of planetesimals or asteroids that collided with another object. Most meteorites are shapeless lumps, but this sixteen-ton chunk of nickel iron is pitted with huge cavities; a famous photograph taken in 1911 shows two children sitting inside the meteorite. The last time a specimen of the Willamette meteorite sold at auction, it brought nearly eight times its weight in the price of gold today. The smooth surface melted during its blazing entry into the atmosphere, while the pits formed on the Earth's surface. It has been the centerpiece in two renowned facilities: the Hayden Planetarium and the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where it has been seen or touched by an estimated 50 million people. This incredible space rock weights an astonishing 15.5 tons or 32,000 pounds, making this space gem the largest meteorite found in the United States and the sixth largest meteorite in the world! The Willamette Meteorite weighs 15.5 tons. Il est la plus grande météorite … This is an extremely important offering; a singular specimen of a preeminent meteorite. Bien qu'il soit probable que la météorite était déjà connu Américains indigènes, La découverte moderne est attribuée à Ellis Hughes qui a déterré dans 1902. It is a fantastically shaped oriented giant weighing 15 tons. Meteorite Name= Willamette Image_caption= Willamette Meteorite at the American Museum of Natural History Image_width= 250px Type= Iron Class= Group= IIIAB The Willamette meteorite was found in 1902 in the town of Willamette, Oregon and is classified as a type IIIAB medium octahedrite iron meteorite. Buy Willamette Meterorite: Wall Art - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 3. Willamette Meteorite Background: The Willamette meteorite is the largest meteorite ever to be found in the United States and the sixth largest in the world. WILLAMETTE Iron Meteorite 5.99g partial slice - Unobtanium act fast! Mrs. Willam E. Dodge.

246 x 279 x 158mm (9.5 x 11 x 6.25 inches) and 13.399 kilos (29.5 pounds).

donated the meteorite to the American Museum of Natural History. $ 1,797.00.