The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles. I have a number of Powell flutes in silver, white gold, Arumite and platinum as well as a traditional black wooden flute with silver keys. Part 1 of 16 - How to Play the Irish flute. For the Budget-Limited or Beginning Player: The Folk Flute A minimalist, easy-to-play but still professional quality wooden flute in Boxwood with great tone and intonation, designed for beginners and those on a budget: nothing more, but nothing less. The first all metal flute was made around 1877, and before then all flutes were crafted out of wood and sometimes ivory. The bamboo flute has a rich tradition of use throughout Asia and the Americas. The parts are usually fun and ornamental, its light and easy to play, and quite affordable.

If you play in a band or orchestra, playing the piccolo is common.

The flute is a remarkably beautiful instrument to listen and play. Lip shape while blowing out. Antique Vintage Wooden Flute.

I have two of Kanichi Nagahara’s flutes and a couple of his hand-made headjoints.

Wooden Flute Care and Maintenance ... Their kids Erin & Grady play piano & drums respectively. There are many different types of … While it is played like a conventional flute, its wooden frame produces a rich, clear and unique tone. These are usually wooden flutes made from tone woods such as African blackwood, cocuswood, mopane, rosewood, boxwood, or a wood-like plastic composite, polymer.

The chart below is a depiction of every note that is possible to play on the Native American flute. If you are looking for instruction on how to play traditional wooden flutes, please know that our course is intended solely for classical Western type flutes.

About the Irish or Celtic Flute. It was recently repaired by our band tech. If you need a powerful flute that can be driven hard in sessions, this is the flute for you! How to Play the Flute Playing the Flute. This is a very interesting vintage flute in good condition. Learn how to play the Irish flute including making notes, holding the instrument and playing tunes with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video series. While flutes may look intimidating with all of their keys, you can easily start learning how to play. This flute will remain playable with minimal adjustments for many years! ... What’s known as the Irish flute, is a simple transverse wooden flute that’s widely used in Irish and Scottish traditional music. * Make sure that the shape of your lips doesn't change as you breathe out.

Learning to play bamboo flute is challenging, but immensely rewarding. Take a deep breath, and breathe out while slightly smiling, making a "too" sound.

Producing Sound with the Head Joint. Simple system flutes like the ones made by McNeela, Arie de Keyser or Sam Murray can be classed as Irish flutes or Celtic flutes. I keep a few Sankyos which I play from time to time, especially the …

Wooden flutes can vary greatly in tuning and fingering which means it's likely that all of our content will sound totally different than what you're producing on a wooden flute. Every flute is different and it should be noted that there some notes particularly the highest ones, can be …

The flute is a woodwind instrument that plays some of the highest notes in an orchestra.