All 15 Engineers on steel. ... Frostpunk's final expansion now has a teaser trailer and a better name than TVADGYCGJR. The Engineers feel like they are the only ones who really know the dangers and challenges in the road ahead. 13. share.

save hide report. Theres pretty much only one way: All 50 workers on Wood. Engineers are few in nummbers and therefore better pulled out of manual labor as soon as you can.

Medic Helps vs Engineer Helpers. Order is currently one of the two purpose trees available, with the next one being Faith.Order is characterised by its militant style, with guards, large towers and loudspeakers. At this stage, we're dedicating all our children to healing, all our engineers to research, and workers are pulled very thin between wood, steel, and coal. Frostpunk is the brand new city-builder game from 11 Bit Studios. Its main aim is productivity and obedience, as opposed to Faith's spirituality and good intent.The order flag is a black, gear-like symbol on a red canvas. The amount your citizens get sick is based on your Citizen's Needs difficulty: 3.5% for Easy up to 6.5% for Extreme. Order [edit | edit source].

Frostpunk provides a rather crude way of assigning your people to tasks. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Engineers Vs Workers. ... You need to learn the difference between workers and engineers as well. Workers are your backbone and can do most labor. Frostpunk Scouting Guide – Unlocking Scouting Areas, Expeditions, Rewards ... Frostpunk is the new game from the developers of This War of ... 10 engineers and 22 workers … r/Frostpunk: Press J to jump to the feed. DISCUSSION.

Here's what you need to know. 11 comments. ... when the storm hits I usually have all the tech I need so I send the workers home. Just use them like workers and keep in mind. In each workplace, you can add or dismiss people only by their employee type. Start First distribute your workers correctly. Two questions about workers/engineers and hunters I am having a blast with this game and i m learning a lot everytime but somethings arent clear for me now: Question number one: every tot. This can create unforeseen headaches. All 15 Children collect coal. Workers …

Frostpunk is a brand new city-builder game from 11 bit Studios, and it's a tough one.

You can build a Gathering Post in the game to help with resource gathering.

Frostpunk isn’t just about building a city to survive the icy, steampunk apocalypse. Do you guys prefer to side with the Engineers or the Workers and why? Between further updates and an impending console version – we won’t hear the last of Frostpunk for some time. Engineers can do enything what workers can but also do tech and medical stuff. I think this is the case in a few buildings. Essential Frostpunk Tips By Charles Ellis 27 May 2020 0. For example, you can set up a Sawmill to be assigned 5 Workers and 5 Engineers, but you don't know which Workers and which Engineers. Complete Unlocks: Golden Path. The workers and engineers are screwed... when I can tell them apart that is. How to Build a Successfull City. Apparently you can still press them to work gathering wood n' stuff, so you don't waste resources early on. They dont work faster or enything. Like the cities it portrays, the game pushes forward. Having the extra help in medical during the storm would be invaluable. The Food Additives law allows you to convert 2 Raw Food into 6 Food Rations, at the cost of your citizens getting sick. They are mostly limited to simple jobs, but they are also capable of performing some of the more manual or physically demanding work that engineers cannot. 13. It'd be nice to see engineers do better in certain intermediate jobs than workers aswell: A sawmill is going to be running better if it has a foreman to watch over it and fix up the machines.