Fix: Renamed "Landing_screen.png" to just "Landing_screen" removing .png part.

Using Xcode Version 9.0 (9A235), I am trying to add a Launch Image for iPhoneX at the requested 2436px × 1125px (landscape).

This helped me ; Actions .

For the launch image, you will need to configure the LaunchScreen.storyboard file as you would any other ViewController.

Re: Launch Storyboard not showing image when project builds to device. Property List Keys. Add your Launch Screen Asset to the Assets.xcassets folder.

I'm using Xcode 4.3.1. Cool, it should work now (but in case of XCode you never know). And why is a modification of Main.storyboard impacting the display of the launch image. Topics.

Centering an Image for the LaunchScreen.storyboard. I have a very silly question, my xcode project doesn't have setting for Launch Image Source, I have already added my splash screen image to Images.xcassets -> LaunchImage, but in my project target General -> App Icon and Launch Images doesn't have setting for Launch Image Source To set the launch screen, open the General information tab for your target, and select the launch screen file from the pop-up menu. New projects for iOS 8.0 and later default to using a launch screen storyboard. Don’t advertise. I want to set an image on a button, for it's default state.
All good. Previously the app had a Launch screen image which was added in LaunchScreen.xib and in the update I want to change the Launch screen image.

If I try to use the same xib with different image, the app takes the previous image as Launch screen image. Folder … I just figured this out.

Information Property List ... UILaunch Images has been deprecated; use Xcode launch storyboards instead. Method 1: Copy, link, and reference an existing launch-screen storyboard and assets within the Xcode project, either manually or using automated means, after the project has been built. The image icon in Xcode changed to white icon and in the launch screen storyboard the image appears as a question mark now.

... (Xcode has the same behaviour). can copy the image to xcode project root path.

Method 2: Add the storyboard file to your Unity project and place any referenced images in the StreamingAssets folder. For more information on how to construct and format your launch storyboard, see Launch Screen. I managed to center the image how I'd like in the editor, and hit the '+' constraint button that seemed to auto-generate constraints for the image that match my centering from the bottom and left.

Image Size and Resolution.

... temporarily fix it? Storyboards are flexible and adaptable, and you can use a single storyboard to manage all of your launch screens. To accommodate the screen sizes of different devices and environments, such as multitasking, use an Xcode storyboard to provide a launch screen. For more help icons, launch images, and the asset catalog, see Xcode Help. Close Xcode and rebuild your NativeScript app to use the new AppIcons.

I am new to Xcode and iPhone programming in general..

Customizing launch images. must rename the image with the different name. They are required for iOS 7.0 and earlier. property list key UILaunch Image Minimum OSVersion.

Launch Image Type. Currently I am using a Storyboard and it looks like this: 'launchimage' is an Image View linked to an Image Set: And the Image Set is as follows: The only place I get an iPhoneX sized image is in a Launch Image set: My launch image was not showing up, I get a white screen when launching on a device (iPhone 6, 7+) or testFlight.

And why is a modification of Main.storyboard impacting the display of the launch image. Create and Set iOS Launch Images for iOS 7 and Earlier . People are likely to switch apps frequently, so design a launch image that doesn’t draw attention to the app launching experience. Because launch images are static, any displayed text won’t be localized.
... temporarily fix it?